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Learning in 3D – #CypherKidsClub

Bryson and Bella both love technology.  They can both navigate my iPhone 4s as well as I can and there are more apps on it for them than for me.  I have found some wonderful educational apps from flashcards to games.  Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards combine the technology of the iPhone with handheld flashcards to deliver a fun 3D experience.  It’s the first app of it’s kind that we have tried and it’s super neat! They are available in three different packs- Numbers Adventures, Letter Adventures, and Wild Animal Adventures.

Cypher Kids Cards

It all works by using the camera on your device. Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Each flashcard has a front and back. On the back, you’ll find the 3D marker. Simply hold your camera about 12 inches away and watch the the on screen scene come alive. As the scene appears, your child will also hear fun facts and information about what they are seeing.

Cypher Kids Club

The Wild Animal cards teach children to identify different animals, learn the sounds animals make, and learn about animal habitats and characteristics. Cypher’s 3D Numbers help kids practice counting different objects, learn number words and numerals 1-20, and recognize numerical order. The Letters Adventure teaches kids to identify upper-case and lower-case letters, learn the sounds each letter makes, and recognize letters at the beginning of different words.

Cypher Wild Animal Adventures

Cypher kids club is quite simple to navigate and use. I showed Bryson how to do it once and he picked up right away. The hardest part for his is holding the iPhone camera still over the marker, because he is so antsy. He loved watching the letter, animals, and people come alive on the screen and then take them around the room. “Look, Mom! That astronaut is on your desk!” Digi and Beebot, the two robots, are his favorite. He giggles when they appear and wants them to stay on screen at all time.

Cypher Kids Club Screenshots

Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards would be a fabulous gift for Christmas. Wrap them up and put them under the tree or stick them in a stocking. It would be a fun and educational gift! You can purchase Cypher Kids products at select Target stores and at Keep up with Cypher Kids Club on Facebook and Twitter.

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