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Day Nine – Giving Thanks in November

He was supposed to be in bed, but he kept sneaking back into the living room.  He was so very tired, but he was just so sweet too.  I let him sit on the couch with me, then he cuddled up in my lap.  I could tell he was going to fall asleep soon and my heart smiled at the thought of my “big boy” still showing signs of being my baby.  I watched as his eyes closed, slowly opened, then closed again.  His little hand grasping the silky part of his blue blanket- a habit he certainly got from me.

I’m thankful for those moments when my heart is so content and happy that I feel like it could burst. Those moments that eyes fill with tears at the thought of how truly blessed I am. Those moments when my little boy who thinks he’s so big, forgets about everything else, and falls asleep in my arms.

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