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The Adventures of Zylie the Bear — Review

Bella will be two in January and I remember how  much I absolutely loved age 2 with Bryson, so I’m looking forward to the next year with her.  She’s is beginning to like her baby dolls more and more.  As I’m typing this, I am currently babysitting her baby, Stella,- she is sitting on my lap and Bella comes by to check on her every so often.

I remember how much much I enjoyed baby dolls and stuffed animals growing up.  In fact, I still have a lot of stuffed animals at my parent’s house.  LOL  I’m not sure that I ever had anything quite like Zylie the Bear though.

Zylie the Bear details

Meet Zylie the Bear

The fun new teddy bear that’s designed to be dressed and played with like a doll. She is an inquisitive and fashionable 12-year-old bear from Manhattan. Follow her on a series of adventures all around the world. Every country she visits, she meets a new friend who joins her on the adventures. Her first adventure takes her to China, where she meets Shen the Panda.  Get to know Zylie, her brother Theo and their wacky adventures by reading her first book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear New York (also included).

Zylie the Bear

 Zylie is a jointed 18” plush bear and comes dressed to impress in her signature skinny jeans, flounce top and beautifully-detailed cream-colored swing jacket. She’s carrying a hip orange bag that comes complete with her diary, map and all-important passport.

Zylie the Bear Outfits

Zylie is a gorgeous bear.  In fact, I haven’t handed her over to Bella for good yet because I’m waiting until she’s a little older and a little less messy.  I want her to take care of Zylie the Bear and maybe even pass her down to her daughter one day.  She is excellent quality with so much attention to detail and I think she’ll be around for a long, long while.  Zylie has a better fashion sense than I do!

Adventures of Zylie Bear

I love that we can continue adding new friends, outfits, books, and adventures along the way.  You have to see Zylie in person to fully appreciate her beauty and quality.  I look forward to her being a travel buddy for Bella as she gets older.

Zylie the Bear retails for $49.99 and is available at or Other bears and extra outfits are also offered at Amazon and on the Zylie the Bear website.

We received Zylie the Bear for our review.   All thoughts & opinions remain my own, as always.


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