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Preschool Pick – LeapFrog & RoseArt

A few weeks ago, a box landed on our doorstep and I opened it to find it packed full of LeapFrog and RoseArt goodies!  Homeschool preschool has been awesome so far this year.  Bryson is writing his letters, spelling his name, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and it’s just been so fun to watch him learn and grow.  Bella is very into it too.  She loves to color and get in on the action!  She’s even started counting some.

LeapFrog Pre-K & K Learning Tools

LeapFrog Early Learning Tools Products

We are huge LeapFrog fans.  From learning toys to the LeapPad and LeapFrog DVDs, we’ve had nothing but good experiences with LeapFrog products.  I credit LeapFrog’s Letter Factory DVD with teaching Bryson his letter and their sounds.  I didn’t realize that LeapFrog also made early learning tools that can be used the classroom.

LeapFrog Dry Erase Activity Printing Practice Books

Our favorites are the Dry Erase Printing Practice books along with the Dry Erase Crayons.  There is a larger book and a smaller book that would be great to keep tucked in my purse.  I love that the arrows show Bryson where to begin and end his letters.

LeapFrog Early Learning Activity Work Books

The LeapFrog Kindergarten Skills book is packed full of fun and educational activities.  It features bright colors, animals, letter writing practice, shape recognition, color matching, and more.  We’ll keep this book around for a long while and work our way through it.

RoseArt Pre-K & K Learning Tools

RoseArt Early Learning Tools

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the RoseArt products.  They have definitely improved since I used them as a child.  We’ve used each of the items quite often over the last few weeks and they’ve become some of Bryson and Bella’s favorites.

RoseArt Glitter Markers & Gel Crayons

The RoseArt Glitter Magic Markers are asked for regularly and are so fun.  Bryson loves to use them and honestly, so do I.  He think it’s funny when I ask to color with him.  The first time he used them, he got overly excited at the site of the glitter and put way to much on his coloring page.  After I showed him how to be easy, he realized he didn’t have to press so hard and that sometimes, less is more.

Bella’s favorite is the RoseArt Gel Crayons.  These go on so smoothly; they remind me of oil pastels.  I like that they come with lids and roll up and down.  Because the are smooth and the colors are super bright, she doesn’t feel the need to press down like with regular crayons.

RoseArt Products

We’ve also used the neon crayons, broadline markers, etc. and have had great experiences with all the RoseArt products so far.  They’ve absolutely stepped up their game and made a customer out of me!

 What are some of your favorite back-to-school finds?

We received LeapFrog & RoseArt products for our review.  All thoughts & opinions remain my own, as always.



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