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Handprint Turkey Shirt with Puffy Paint Tutorial #ilovetocraft

I know it’s only October, but this handprint turkey shirt is so fun to make and cute that you’ll want to do it now so your child can begin wearing it.  Y’all know that I never craft alone- my kids are always involved and this shirt is no exception.  After receiving a pack of puffy paint as part of an iLoveToCreate challenge, this handprint turkey shirt instantly came to mind.  One thing to remember is that this shirt doesn’t have to be perfect- it’s supposed to be a fun craft and activity to do with your children.


Turkey Handprint Shirt Kid Craft

How to Make a Handprint Turkey Shirt

12 Puffy Paint Multipack

You’ll need:

a plain white Tshirt
black or brown fabric paint
fabric puffy paint multipack

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Shirt Puffy Paint

  • Start by laying your Tshirt flat.  Insert a piece of cardboard into the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through.  I used a placemat because that’s just what I had on hand and it worked well.


  • Next, paint the inside of your child’s hand and their thumbs with the black or brown fabric paint.  Do not paint their fingers.  Help them place their hands on the shirt and press firmly.  Gently remove their hands from the shirt and let dry.


  • Take the fabric puffy paint and begin to decorate your turkey.  I began by tracing the outline of the turkey body and head, then I drew the legs with bright orange puffy paint.


  • Finish the design by drawing the feathers, coloring them in, and adding a gobbler.  I’m no artist, y’all, so if I can do this, you can do it!


  • Let it dry for several hours or overnight.


turkey handprint shirt craft thanksgiving

I love the way our handprint turkey shirt turned out and Bryson is proud of his work on it!  We’ll have to work on making Bella one soon.

For other great ideas, check out the iLoveToCreate Pinterest page and the crafts below:

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