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Preschool at Home Plans for 2012-2013

After taking the summer off, we are starting back with our preschool at home this week.  I’m looking forward to it, because Bryson has asked to “do preschool” several times lately.

I’ve planned different themes for each week, but those are always subject to change.  If Bryson is interested in a theme, we’ll continue you with it for longer or if he’s ready to move on, we’ll cut it short.  I asked him which book he wanted to start with and he picked “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle.  After searching the web, I put together a Brown Bear Pinterest board with ideas, activities, and printables.

After some time spent planning, printing, laminating, and putting everything together, I think we are ready.  I’m still loving my Scotch laminator and I’m super happy with the quality for only $30!  The cheaper laminating pouches have worked great too with no problems.

Bryson will be 4 in December and he amazes me with his logic and how he can put things together in his head.  Each week, we’ll focus on a theme or book, a letter, colors, and numbers.  We’ll also incorporate lots of play as I think learning should absolutely be fun.  Hands-on activities and crafts will be a big part of our preschool at home.  I’ve made a fresh batch of homemade playdough with all the colors in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Preschool at Home Planned Themes:

Preschool at Home Monthly Themes

The plan is to include Bella Grace whenever possible.  This week I have a fun eye-spy bottle for her and I printed several sheets for her to color.  She’s welcome to join us in all activities and the girl loves books, drawing, etc. so I have high hopes that she’ll happily participate.

You can follow me on Pinterest for tons of preschool at home ideas. I have boards dedicated to books, themes, and characters. Each board contains links to fabulous resources- printables, craft ideas, and other learning tools.  You can also look back at our previous preschool posts for kid-friendly crafts and ideas.

Here’s to a fabulous & fun school year!


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  • Sounds like you have everything planned out and it is going to be fun! I work with Zoe at home but will be difficult now that she is in school full time, so I’ll continue to do sight words, reading and helping her with telling time etc:)

  • I am envious of your plans! My son turned 3 in May and I want to start something like this. We play and all that – but I want structure for him and learning time. How did you get started? Any tips?

    Thanks so much!

    • Our plans aren’t so much structured- just guidelines. Like this week, instead of moving on, we are still focusing on Brown Bear. To get started, I suggest just taking a little bit of time after breakfast to work with your child. If he’s interested, let him continue for as long as he likes, but do not force it because you don’t want him to resent school. Sometimes we’ll work for an hour at a time while others he’s done within 20 minutes. Be sure to include things he really enjoys like play dough or puzzles and let him take part in simple every day activities like cooking and cleaning. I shared some of my favorite preschool sites on my Facebook page:

  • What a great plan! Brian taught preschool from our basement to our kids and other kids for a year. He and the kids loved it. This year we made the hard decision to put Sophie and Matthew into a preschool program. Matthew really needed the socialization so we are hoping it helps.

    I envy your fonts. As much as try, my fonts aren’t anything close to what you do!!

    • I hope preschool goes great for Matthew. I was just telling my husband that IF we ever chose to put our children in school, I would be interested in working at a preschool. By the way, the graphic was made using!

  • You are such an inspiration to me! I need to make sure I’m following your lead and incorporating these learning experiences whenever I can. I don’t homeschool my children, but that doesn’t mean that school is the only place they should be learning! I LOVE your school plan!

  • […] but was finally comfortable with my crutches and able to get out & do more.  I planned our preschool at home for the 2012-2013 year and shared a new preschool craft idea- Apple Pie Scented Play Dough.  Bryson decided he was a […] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to