Wordless Wednesday

Life via my iPhone – #WordlessWednesday

A few of my favorite moments captured on my iPhone over the last few days.

Fell asleep watching Thomas the Train

He was determined that he was not going to take a nap, even though he was worn out from the river.
He sat down to watch Thomas and that was all it took.  Out like a light.


Life in Motion

This pretty much sums up our lives on a daily basis.
Oh, to have just a tiny bit of their energy.

Dancing to the Pontoon song

Bryson LOVES the new song “Pontoon” by Little Big Town and it is our summer song.
We’ve spent SO much time on my Dad’s pontoon this summer-
it couldn’t be more perfect.
Bryson asked me to play it, then he grabbed Bella’s hands and they danced…
until the song ended, and he asked me start it over.  So, they danced some more.


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