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The Worst Class Reunion in History.

If you keep up with me (It’s Gravy, Baby! on Facebook) then this post is old news by now.  If not, boy do I have a story to share!  🙂

Saturday was my five year high school reunion and we had an all day event planned.  It looked as if it would rain, so Justin and I debated on going and ultimately decided to go- rain or shine.  There was a family day planned at Goosepond Colony where everyone would bring their families, children, spouses and catch up.  I was excited to see everyone and to see  their babies.

Class Reunion Cake
A classmate brought me by some cake the day after.. it was good! LOL

We had a great time for the short amount of time we spent there.  The kids played in the water, ate cake, then we headed to the playground.  Bryson went up a tall metal slide, then was too scared to go down it, so he started climbing back down the ladder.  I climbed up behind him, then he almost fell, and thankfully I was there to catch him.

Whew.  Crisis averted.

For about 5 minutes.

Then, here goes fearless Bella Grace.  By the time I caught up to her, she was halfway up this tall slide and I was afraid if I tried to go down the ladder with her we’d both fall.  She was going down that slide- with or without me.  I didn’t want her to get hurt, so I climbed on with her and down we go.

Then we landed.  And for some unknown reason (at the time, I know now) my leg went behind me and I felt my ankle crush, crackle, and crunch.  Justin was standing a few feet away and saw this all unfold.  I simply said “I just broke my ankle.” and then he started yelling about seeing the bone come out.  He lost his mind for a few minutes- he can barely stand the sight of blood so this was no surprise to me.  The bone never broke through the skin and when I moved, it went back in for the most part.

The damage was done though.  Bryson had already overheard what Justin said and he was scared.  I stayed calm, never cried, actually cracked a few jokes, and tried to lighten the mood a bit.  I loved on my babies and explained to them that we were going to have to leave them with these nice people (most of whom they’d never met) but that mommy was okay.

Broken Leg and Ankle
I was waiting for some pain medication here..

Then, I begged someone ANYONE to grab my ankle and stabilize it.  Thankfully, a friend that always shows up when he’s needed did just that.  Everyone else stood around, scared to touch me, but he did exactly what I needed.  He held it for me throughout the entire process until we go to the hospital.  We rode in the back of Justin’s truck and let me tell you- that was NOT a joy ride.  At all.

As I was cracking jokes, I told everyone “Just wait until our 10 year reunion- I might just break my leg for that one!”

What I didn’t know is that my leg was broken too.

The nurse at the hospital was fabulous.  She was seriously off the charts and I made sure she knew how much I appreciated her kindness.  The doctor?  Not much can be said for him.  He was terrible.  He had no bedside manner at all and was very mean to the nurses.  He was not a very good doctor either.  After the X-rays, which I now know that he couldn’t read, he had the nurses put a splint on me.  He was going to send me home with no explanation of what was wrong.  I asked to speak with him, so he came in and told me my leg was broken.  I asked him to elaborate and he refused.  I asked about my ankle and he told me it only hurt because my leg was broken.

Broken Bones

So, I left the hospital in a splint with a prescription for pain medication thinking my leg was broken.

Except I knew my ankle was crushed too.  I knew my ankle was broken before I ever realized my leg was broken too.

The pain medication made me feel terrible and I spent the first couple days vomiting.  After receiving a prescription for Zofran, I am feeling so much better and can function now.  The pain is beginning to lessen also, so that is very good news.

Fast forward a few days and I met with an orthopedic surgeon.  He was very frustrated that the doctor I saw in the hospital did not tell me the severity of my injuries.  Yes, my ankle is broken- on both side. My fibula is also broken.

I am scheduled for surgery next Thursday.  We have to get the swelling down in my leg before he can perform surgery.

Broken Leg Outside
Justin has been awesome. He knew I wanted to watch the kids play, so he helped me find a comfortable set-up outside last night.

I understand more about what went wrong on the slide.  It seems that when I landed, for some unknown reason, my leg simply snapped.  I didn’t think we were going that fast, but the force snapped my leg when I hit the ground.  When that happened, the leg fell behind me and I came down and landed on my ankle with my entire body.  That’s when I felt it break.

So, that where we stand, except I can’t stand at all.  I’m okay, but I know that it’s going to be hard in the coming weeks.

It’s hard to believe that I have NEVER broken a bone and then I break several on a slide.  With my 18 month old daughter.

Only I could do something like that.

There are so many things that I miss already and many things I’m going to miss out on the next couple months.  We were supposed to attend Super Why Live on Friday, but I won’t be able to make it now.  Hopefully the kids will have a fabulous time and tell me all about it when they get home!

Y’all will probably be hearing from me quite often, because I can’t do anything other than sit around with my leg propped up.  That means lots of time for blogging!



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