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Four Years

As of today, my husband and I have been married four years.

Which honestly, seems kind of silly to me, considering we’ve lived together much longer.

We were married before we were married.  We bought our first piece of land with our first little mobile home on it and we decided to try for a baby all before we were officially married.  It wasn’t that we were scared of marriage or didn’t want to be married- we just didn’t care.  Our commitment was made long before a piece of paper said it was real.

It turns out that my parents did care- not in a “you better get married NOW!” way, but in a “we’d really like to make it official, so we’ll plan your wedding and you just have to show up!” way.  We couldn’t turn that offer down!  Call me weird, but wedding planning?  The perfect dress, cake tasting, venue searching- not my thing.  At all.

We had a simple little wedding surrounded by our friends and family, overlooking the gorgeous river where we spend so much time, and a simple reception afterwards.  I paid $30 for my dress at our local Cato.  I walked down the aisle barefoot and pregnant with the baby we had tried for and conceived in love.

And that was our perfect.

Wedding Day
I know he doesn’t look thrilled, but I promise he loves me. LOL

And really, I’d be lying if I said it has been hard, because for the most part, it’s been fairly easy.

Other than that first year after Bryson was born.  Bryson didn’t sleep, I was exhausted, and we argued a lot.  We look back on that year now and laugh at just how hard it was on us.  We were also living with my parents while house shopping and then remodeling the house we bought.  That’s stressful enough and then add in a newborn who refuses to sleep- yep, that year was hard!

One of our favorite pieces of advice for couples expecting their first child is just to ride it out.  Don’t make any hasty decisions that first year, because it’s stressful.  Once you get over that hump, it gets easier.  Much easier.

But other than?  It’s been super easy.

June 28, 2008

We are beyond blessed and we know that.  That’s what makes it so easy.

Well that and the fact that Justin is the most kind, good-hearted, laid-back person you’ll ever meet.  He’s the kind of guy that you can’t even pick a fight with and believe me, I’ve definitely tried in the past.  He’s exactly what this tightly-wound woman needs.

When Kolby died, I was so distraught that I couldn’t even fix my hair.  We were getting ready to go to the funeral home and I was just standing in front of the mirror clueless.  He watched this scene unfold and then he stepped in and said “I’ll do it for you.” and he did.  He plugged in my straightening iron and layer by layer, strand by strand, this country boy to the core, fixed and straightened my hair for me.  He is my rock.  Always steady and always there.

An amazing husband?  Absolutely.

An amazing father?  Without a single doubt.

There is no one else I’d rather share this ride with- parenthood, marriage, loss, & life.  He’s my person- my forever person.

My husband.

Happy four years of marriage, babe!


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