Family Happenings menu plan

Meal Plan & Encouragement – Week of April 1

I keep this tucked into my heart and thought I would share it with you all.  It’s easy to look at other blogs and feel inadequate in comparison.  It’s important to remember that what you see is only part of the overall picture and it’s usually the best part.  I want to be a source of encouragement so I’m not going to share every complaint, how I snap at my children, or nag my husband.  Do know that those things happen- more often than they should.  What you see here is usually the BEST part of my life- not my whole life.  🙂  That isn’t to say that I don’t keep it real, because I do share my trials sometimes, but I strive to keep things positive.  With that said, on to the menu for the week!


-Biscuit & gravy, eggs, sausage
-Pancakes, fruit
-Eggs, toast, fruit


-Mini pizzas
-Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit
-Grilled cheese, soup
-Hot dogs, cheese cubes, fruit
-Chicken fingers, mac & cheese, peas


-Hard boiled eggs
-Green smoothies


-3 Cheese Lasagna
-Homemade Pizza
-Baked Sausage Rigatoni
-Family Cook Out
-Dinner at my parents

We spent part of today at the river.  Both kids LOVED the water.  Bella was absolutely fearless and walked right out into it.  We went on our first boat ride of the summer.  It was Bella’s first boat ride ever and she absolutely hated her life jacket.  Bryson was the same way a few years ago, but now he eagerly puts it on because he knows it means he’s getting in the water.  Our boat ride didn’t last long at all and we didn’t go far.  We certainly didn’t need a no foreign transaction fee credit card for our super short trip.  The kids were both too whiny for the ride to be enjoyable.  Instead we stayed at the campground where the kids could play in the shallow water and be content. I have a feeling we’ll be spending A LOT of time at the river this summer, which is great for the kids and easy on the wallet.  That makes this mama happy, because it means I won’t need to search out the best cash back rewards credit card just to have fun.  The campground has a pool too, so I hope we get to put it to use often.  Bryson is ready to learn to swim so I hope this is the year for him!

What are your plans for the summer?



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