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Spring Cleaning, Decluttering, and Simplifying

One of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom, is hosting a 4 week “Project Simplify” link-up.  There are 4 different areas to tackle and you can interpret them any way you want.  I actually took part in the Spring Cleaning challenge from Simple Mom back in 2009 when we were still living with my parents.  I’m so glad to jump back on board this year!  My home and my soul both needed a good declutter and cleanse.

It worked out perfectly that our hall closet was completely emptied out when this project kicked off.  We had to clean it out to have access to our attic for some updates to the house.  Those were finished up on Monday, so I took the chance to reorganize the closet while putting everything back in.  Before, it was crammed full- towels, bathroom and hygiene products, blankets, toys, and craft supplies.  It was basically a catch-all closet.  The toys are crafts supplies had been abandoned because I couldn’t see or reach them.  When I emptied the closet out, I had no idea I would be writing this post, so I didn’t take a “before” picture- just imagine a junked up closet.  K?  K.

I found this photo of the newly organized craft and learning supplies.  Bryson snapped it with my phone.

That had to change, so I purchased a couple Sterilite drawer units to hold craft supplies and learning toys.  I sorted them and put like items in each drawer.  We have paints in one, puzzles in one, crayons/markers in one, and so on.  We also went through our bathroom supplies, consolidated some things, threw others away, and ended up with empty space!

Next, I moved onto Bryson’s closet.  It was a train-wreck of toys, trucks, outgrown clothes, too big clothes, legos, etc.  I went through his clothing and packed up the outgrown clothing which made room for the clothes he’ll wear this summer.  Bryson helped me go through his toys and he chose which ones to keep out and which ones to put away.  This was the first time he has really taken part in the process of choosing what goes and what stays and I loved it!  In the end, I put a basket of miscellaneous toys (mostly small cars) and one set of train tracks away.  This alone did wonders for his messy, messy room.  I moved the legos to the top of his closet so he has to ask permission to get them down.  I think that will work best until he learns how to actually build with them- right now he basically just dumps them out and moves them around.  Finally we went through his books, kept a few in a small basket, and put them rest in the book case- locked up until Bella figures out books are for reading, not just throwing on the floor!  I ordered a 9 cube organizer to put in Bryson’s closet for toys and possibly clothes.

Bella’s room and closet was up next.  Admittedly, her room was the “dumping” room for a while.  Up until a few months ago, it was rarely used.  She slept in there starting around 8 months, but that was about it.  When the kid’s got the KidKraft Kitchen for Christmas, the room started seeing regular use and it was time to clean up.  This room ended up being the most time consuming and the most work.  It probably didn’t help that I tackled it with Bella under my feet.  The closet was so packed that I had to pull everything out and work my way through it.  I went through Bella’s clothes, all of them in the closet and every. single. drawer, choose to pack some that were outgrown up and to donate others.  My donate pile ended up being larger than my keep pile.  I went through baskets of infant toys, choosing to put a few away and to donate the rest.  When all was said and done, her closet has tons of space- both on the floor and the top shelf.  I put some of her toys in there for now.  If I like the cube organizer I ordered for Bryson’s closet, I’ll probably add one in Bella’s too.

It funny because I started the week off thinking I wouldn’t have much to get rid of, yet my laundry room is now piled with donations that are ready to head out the door.  I guess I had stuffed the closets full- out of sight, out of mind.

This week I’m tackling the kitchen.  The kitchen has been on my list for months- my cabinets need reorganized and I know there are a few things that we haven’t used since we moved in 2 years ago.  It should only take a couple hours, so I may attack the laundry room too.  My desk resides in our kitchen, so it will get some much need attention also.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?

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