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Preschool at Home – Getting Started

I had planned to start preschool at home with Bryson during September, but when the time came, neither of us were ready.  Instead of pressing on, I decided to pick up and give it a good try when he turned three in December.  Because December is such a crazy month, we chose to start preschool in the new year!

I’ve looked forward to this for months, but I also knew that it probably wouldn’t go as I had planned and that I would need to be patient with myself and Bryson.  Three is tough– haven’t we already had this conversation?  That’s right.  We have and you were all so fabulous and encouraging, so thank you for that!

So, I’ve prayed constantly that God would lead me in teaching my child, that He would show me the right time, that it would go smoothly and that I would be encouraged as a mother and my son’s teacher.  I knew that if we started off on the wrong foot, I would quickly be discouraged and would possibly give up before we even got going.  So, I prayed and I prayed some more.

The next two years will be very important when it comes to our decision concerning how we will go about “regular” school.  I never, ever imagined being a homeschooling family, but at this time, it is a very big possibility.  It isn’t a decision we’ll take lightly and my prayer is that God will make known the path we should follow.  I would prefer a big, flashing sign saying “GO THIS WAY!”  For some unknown reason, He is currently leading me down this homeschooling road.

Last week, we focused on the letter “A” and it went better than I ever imagined.  He picked right up and honestly, he knew more than I realized.  Those LeapFrog DVDs really are educational and he knows almost all of his letter sounds just from them!  This week, we’ve moved on to letter “E” because we are going to cover vowels first.  I’ll attempt to do weekly preschool at home posts covering our activities, successes, and flops.

I’ll post our supply list within the next few days.  I am very excited about this new adventure, so you’ll be hearing about it often!  My hope is that you’ll be inspired to spend some time with your children and engage with them.  It doesn’t take hours, but just a few minutes of one-on-one time each day will go a long way.

Join me on this journey!


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  • I can’t wait to see what kind of fun activities you come up with to do with your son.
    I know you will be his best first teacher (you already are!).

    Your blog is adorable, I love your colorful header and your buttons! Well done. 🙂


    Pink and Greeen Mama

  • I think it’s easy to ‘do’ preschool with your kids if you are home with them. We started early with our boys counting everything and doing colors with stuff like fruitloops or m&ms. learning doesn’t have to be all about worksheets etc. Have fun!!!

  • I did preschool homeschooling with my son and we had SO much fun! We did end up sending him to regular school, but the time we invested at home has paid off so much more than I could have imagined. He was so prepared, which is serving him well because it seems like they want children to learn so much more and a lot sooner than when I was in school.

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