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First Family Bowling Trip or A Post About Balls, Poop, & Playgrounds

I had this fantastic idea that we should go bowling as a family.  It sounded fantastic, anyway.  As with most things that involve a toddler (she’s a freakin’ toddler!  omg) and little boy (preschooler?), it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Bryson had NO idea what bowling even was until a couple hours before we went.  I pulled up some YouTube videos just to give him an idea.  He seemed interested enough.  We packed the kids up and headed out on our first family bowling trip!

Shoes first.  Bowling shoes are the most awesomely ugly shoes to ever exist.  And I didn’t even take a picture of the shoes.  The bright yellow and neon orange shoes certainly deserve a photo of their own.  Bryson didn’t want to wear them.  He appeased me and didn’t throw a 3 year old fit though.

It’s been so long since hubby and I bowled that it  takes us a minute to figure out the machines.  We are lazy, so we just enter initials and call it good.


Now, to find balls.  I’m not very picky about my balls, because I pretty much suck at bowling either way.  And yes, I do know how that just sounded.  They keep the smallest ball behind the counter for some odd reason.  A 6 pounder for the little boy.  Bright orange.  This bowling alley must have a thing with orange.

As I mentioned, it’s been a while (years) since we’ve bowled, but I shouldn’t use that as an excuse.  I just plain suck at bowling. I needed those bumpers more than Bryson did, no joke.  Even with them, I still sucked.

Bryson was pretty much bored before we ever began.  He pushed the ball a few times, but was much more interested in the ball-returner-thingy.  By the 5th frame, he was done.  Thankfully, Pop (my dad) was there so they played arcade games while hubby finished kicking my butt in bowling.

Bella wanted to be right in the middle of everything.  In between my turns, I was busy chasing her down.  Fortunately, the bowling alley isn’t a very popular place at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday.  She could run around, then I would chase her down, and we’d do it all over again.

Justin & I finished up our game and called it quits.

We decided to take Bryson to the playground at Burger King.  That turned out to be much more age appropriate and he had a blast.  I’m not sure that the other kids appreciated it when he ducked into a corner of the playground and pooped in his diaper.  Do you know that Burger King has NO diaper changing station?  At least, the one here doesn’t.  Isn’t that crap?  (Pun totally intended.)

While we are on the subject, isn’t funny how when you become  a parent, you can just tell when your kid is taking a crap.  Like, Bryson was over our heads in the tunnels of the playground and I looked at Justin and said “he’s totally pooping..”  Sure enough, when he came down, there was no mistaking that smell.

If the child would poop in the potty, we wouldn’t have this problem…

So, there is a nice little post about balls, poop, and playgrounds.

Life as mom.


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