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I’ve had a dog for as long as I can remember.  I was only a few months old when my parents brought home Chucky, a sweet little Chow puppy who would spend the next 10 years by my side.  We were all devastated when he died.  We had gone through several dogs and all were well loved, but Chucky was a member of the family.  He’d been around almost as long as I had!

Meet Tucker.

In 2007, Justin and I picked out a chocolate Cocker Spaniel and brought him home to be ours.  We named him Tucker and he’s been with us through three moves, a marriage, and two children.  He’s adapted well and he is Bryson’s best friend.  He is certainly a big part of our family.  He was our first “child,” if you will.  I just have a huge heart for dogs.

When I had the chance to jump on board with this campaign, I knew it would be perfect. So, I made a list of ideas and headed to Walmart to see what I could find.  We usually buy our dog items like treats, shampoo, etc. at Walmart because you can purchase in larger quantities and the price usually comes out cheaper.  Even so, I had never taken the time to look around the pet aisles.  I normally have two rowdy kids and a husband who hates shopping by my side, so I grab what I need and check out as quickly as possible.

Bella was feeling a little under the weather, so I had her cuddled up in our baby carrier and she was just as sweet as pie.  I was able to really look around and I was quite impressed with the selection.  The dogs supplies took up almost three full aisles, both sides of each one.  Because I usually just grab and go, I had no idea Walmart had so much to offer.  It was like a mini pet supply store tucked inside the back aisles.  The varieties within the products were endless too.  There wasn’t just one or two choices of anything, but ten or twenty to choose from whether it was treats, collars, or shampoo.

Ideas for a new puppy kit:

  • training pads
  • shampoo
  • comb/ brush
  • freshening spray
  • flea collar or powder
  • chew toys
  • collar
  • leash
  • bed
  • dog house
  • food
  • pet bowls
  • nail trimmers
  • clippers for grooming
  • treats

Those are just a few ideas.  I purchased several of them to create a new puppy kit of my own.  I’m thinking I’ll package up my kit and take it to a local animal shelter as a way of giving back this holiday season.  Some of the products I purchased are new to us, like Milo’s Kitchen treats, but others like Pup-Peroni and Milk-Bone® treats are old favorites.  I’ll share my full kit with details next week, so check back!

Be sure to grab your local newspaper this weekend (12/11) and clip out the Milk-Bone® coupon!

What would you put in a new puppy kit?  Did I leave anything out?

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  • I always go to Wal-Mart when Buddy or Angel need stuff, too. For a new puppy kit, I would definitely include puppy pads! Those things are lifesavers when trying to house train a puppy and I couldn’t have lived without them with my old beagle – She was allergic to pretty much anything so going outside was difficult at best. Her little face would puff up like crazy if she got around too much pollen (it’s ridiculous, I know). So the puppy pads allowed her to stay inside on bad pollen days and kept my house from turning into a grossness factory.

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