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Gracie’s Gift – Children’s Book Review

We have all kinds of books about dinosaurs and trucks for Bryson.  While Bella will like those too, I look forward to building her a book collection fit for a princess.  Gracie’s Gift is the perfect addition to Bella’s book shelf.  The illustrations are soft and sweet.  I can imagine that any little girl would enjoy flipping through this story and looking at the pictures.  I love the meaning behind the story in this book and the reminder for our children that they are our gifts.  We can never tell them enough just how special they are to us.  I look forward to seeing other books from Andrea.

Gracie’s Gift Description

Gracie awakens the morning of her birthday party excited and ready to celebrate! Her excitement quickly turns to frustration as she notices a bow sitting beside her beautiful party dress. Why must she always have these bows in her hair? Why does her mommy insist on them? As the story unfolds, Gracie’s mother explains that you don’t see presents wrapped without bows. Do you? Relating to her precious child as her own gift, she celebrates her blessing from God by placing a bow in the hair of her sweet child each day. As Gracie realizes that these special bows are not to annoy her, but to celebrate her mother’s love and affection for her, she proudly wears them for all to see.

Meet the Author

Andrea Eskine Trosclair has lived in or around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her entire life. She is a registered nurse, which she immensely enjoyed before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005. The inspiration for this book is Andrea’s two daughters-her gifts- which she celebrates and for which she gives thanks. Using bows to symbolize what gifts our daughters are, this delightful book debut showcases the deep love between a mother and daughter. Gracie’s Gift is the first of several books in the works for this new, heartwarming author.

We were sent this adorable book to facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed remain my own, as always.


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