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Are You a Blogger? Looking for Support?

I’ve had an “online journal” for ten years, so since I was 12.  That’s what I called it well before I had ever heard of blogs.  I was just a kid who wrote about my days online and man, it is embarrassing now, haha.   I started a blog on the Blogger platform my junior year of high school, I think.  I kept up with it until after Bryson was born, then decided I need a fresh start.  That’s when “It’s Gravy, Baby!” came about.

Amazingly enough, “It’s Gravy, Baby!” has turned into a passion that also brings in extra income each month.  I get to share products I love, write about our family, chat with readers, and call it my work.  How awesome is that!?

It’s not because I am awesome though.  I found a fabulous network of bloggers soon after launched and they have helped me tremendously.  From critiquing my blog, telling me how I can improve, and sharing opportunities- I’ve grown because of their generosity.  Some of my favorite gals have recently opened a new website and forum: EclecticSix.

Whether you are new to blogging or consider yourself a pro, you are welcome to join the forum and jump right in!  There are opportunities posted and lots of fun chit-chat going on.  The ladies are also offering their services when it comes to social media consulting and hope to bring in paid opportunities in the future.

If you are a blogger and would like to join a group of reputable, supportive bloggers, click on over and join!


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