Bella Grace at Eight Months

While this month wasn’t full of major milestones, it was pretty packed with an infant turning into a playful, fully mobile baby girl.  This past month we’ve really gotten to see glimpses of your personality and the little girl you will be.  You are so playful and giggle-ly.  You try so, so hard to keep up with your big brother and you want to be right under him.  If he’s playing with a monster truck, that’s what you want to do too.  If he’s making music, you grab a whistle or a flute, and start with your own tune.  It’s been so amazing watching you two play together, have fun together, and simply enjoy one another.  I looked forward to this day, but I never expected it to come so soon.

If you are still awake when I tuck Bryson in for his nap, you get so upset.  You cry and cry when I close his door and tell you that he has to take a nap and can’t play.  You’ll sit at his door silently begging me to let you in to play.  When you wake up in the morning or from a nap, you expect to see me AND your brother.  He usually beats me to your room and he’ll talk to you.  Sometimes, I’ll put him in your crib and you two will just hang out and play for a few minutes.

Tooth number #2 came in and on the day you hit 8 months old, tooth #3 popped through too.  You’d like for all of your teeth to come in so you could eat whatever you wanted.  You love food!  I started giving you crackers and you eat them quicker than I can get them to you.  If I head to the pantry, you’ll chase me down, growling for a snack.  Crazy girl!  You are still my little nursling and I plan to let you nurse as long as you want.  Hopefully we’ll wean sometime before you go off to college.  You nurse about every 4 to 4.5 hours during the day, sometimes more but never less.

I moved you to your crib for night time.  So far, it’s went much better than I expected.  You’ve slept for at least 5 hours most nights with a few 8 hours nights.  You’ve even snuck in a few 12 hour stretches.  The secret is all in the radio.. and the country music.  We thought you’d never go to sleep on your own.  Your daddy started putting you to sleep by holding you and listening to country music.  Then, he had the brilliant idea of putting a radio in your room.  It worked like a charm.  It’s just one of the reasons I love your dad.  I would have never thought of that.  We can now put you in your crib, turn the radio on, and walk out knowing that you are going to go to sleep.  Such a relief!

As I’m typing this post, your brother just woke up from his nap.  For the first time ever, he didn’t holler for his mama.  He hollered “Bewwa!” (Bella)  When I opened the door, he looked puzzled and said “Wheres is she?”  That is how much he loves you, little girl.  I know sometimes he takes toys away from you but oh how he loves you.  He sometimes takes food away from you too, because he doesn’t understand that you are growing up and you can eat more now.  I’ll ask him why he took something away from you and he’ll tell me that he didn’t want you to choke on it.  He’s 2 years old and he’s already looking out for you, baby girl.  It melts my mama heart.

You now crawl on your hands and knees.  You’re pretty fast too.  If you see a door open, especially  the refrigerator door, you’ll race and try to get in it before I can get it closed.  You have an obsession with trash cans.  We have to keep the bathroom door closed because you’ll help yourself to the trash if we don’t.   You pull up now with no problems.  I know you’ll be up and walking in no time…  Your dad looked at me the other day and said “She’ll be 1 year old in 4 months?”  like it was a question.  Time is flying by and I think it’s just now hit him how quickly you are growing!

I’m looking forward to the next  month.  We are going on our first family beach trip!



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