Bella Grace at Seven Months

Seven.  You are inching closer to that 1 year mark and this mama doesn’t like it one bit. 


The story behind this photo cracks me up.  Your brother had just left to stay with Gangan for the night.  No sooner than he was out the door, you walked your way back to his room and helped yourself to his toys.  You thought it was the coolest thing ever and even better, big brother wasn’t there to claim them and take them away from you!

  • You finally have a tooth.  That one tooth shines so bright.  I just love it. 
  • You are totally mobile.  You still choose to crawl soldier style, but I’ve come to the conclusion you only do that to save your knees.  Our tile floors are hard, I know.  You crawl on your knees when we are outside in the grass and on blankets. 

008 (2)

You love the water and you are completely content in it.  You just want to splash, splash, splash!  Look at those chunky legs!

  • You still aren’t the best napper.  I’ve tried and tried, but you are just too afraid you’ll miss something!  If I can get you to take a 20 minute nap, I’m elated.  As I type this, I’ve been trying to get you to take a nap for approximately 3 hours.
  • You love every single food you’ve tried.  We had fried pork chops on Monday and you grabbed the bone off my plate and sucked/ gnawed on it.  It was big enough that I didn’t have to worry, so I let you keep it.  And you did, for a long time.  You LOVED it.


Your bangs are officially so long that they fall in your eyes.  I practically have to fight with you to get you to stay still long enough for me to clip them out of your eyes.  I may not know how to fix your hair, but I sure do love it anyways!

  • We’ve started going to the park a couple nights a week and you enjoy being outside.  You don’t even fuss about being in the stroller.  When we tried at the beginning of the summer, you were screaming by the end of our walk, so this is a huge improvement!
  • I took you out shopping a few weeks ago and you were awesome.  You were such a tough baby to begin with that I couldn’t imagine taking you out after how the first few times turned out.  Thankfully, we are past that stage and you are happy to be out and about!


Your sweet personality is really starting to shine through and everyone comments on what a happy baby you are.  I’m so glad (and relieved!) that we are finally reaching a point where you are content and a little more independent.  I don’t want you to grow up too quickly, but I do appreciate having free hands every once in a while. 

We love you, Bella Grace. 

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