Bella Wordless Wednesday

That Hair.

I’ve been thinking and I should really buy Bella shirt that says “YES.  My mom had heartburn.”  Because, well, I did.  Every single day for about 6 months.  And her hair?  Oh, how her hair was worth it.


It is getting so long.  I have to clip it out of her eyes and brush the tangles out daily.  It’s past her shoulders and down her back.  How many almost 7 months olds can you say that about?  It’s crazy.


I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again.  If I had just $1 for every time someone stops me to comment on either her hair or eyes, Justin could retire.  I’ve literally had people chase me down in Walmart after seeing her hair sticking out of the Ergo carrier.  I’ve had women ask me to wait just a second so they could go get their husband’s and let them see my daughter.


The irony is that I’m probably the worst hair dresser.  Ever.  Which explains why my hair is rarely fixed.  It looks like I’m going to get a lot of practice in over the next few years….

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