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BEKA Bain Marie Review (Chocolate!)

Since giving up the microwave (something I’ve been meaning to post about) I’ve only melted chocolate once.  And it was a big flop.  I burned the chocolate and gave up on my dipped bananas in frustration. 

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I’ve worked with BEKA on a couple reviews before and I can honestly say that I LOVE their cookware.  I use both my Eco-Logic Pan and my Pancake Pan regularly.  Because I’ve had such success with their cookware lines, I jumped at the chance to try their Bain Marie.  All I could think about was being able to melt some chocolate without scorching it.

Beka Bain Marie 

One of my favorite quick, sweet snacks is chocolate covered pretzels.  They have to be covered at home though.  The store-bought ones just don’t hit the spot for me.  Since we gave up the microwave in May, it’s been that long since I’ve had my chocolate covered pretzels.  I knew that was the first thing I wanted to make with my new Bain Marie.

Product Info:

  • Contemporary double boiler/simmer pot
  • Great for melting chocolate, making creamy sauces, or heating milk
  • Pour water into the reservoir on the handle of the vessel which then heats up between the walls, and cooks food without burning or boiling over
  • Inner capacity markings for easy measuring
  • Always have water in the reservoir when in use on the cooktop

Beka Bain Marie

I’ve never had a pot like this, so it takes a little bit to get used to it.  It’s fairly simple though.  You just fill the handle with water, making sure to use the right amount.  If you use too much, it will spray out at you.  If you use too little, it will quickly evaporate.  When it heats up, it starts to whistle and then you can turn the heat down a little.  I liked that I could leave it on low while I dipped my pretzels so I didn’t have to worry about my chocolate hardening or burning before I was finished.  The Bain Marie was super easy to clean up which was a nice surprise. 

Overall, I’m very pleased with this pot.  I’m excited to try it out with different recipes.  I’ve read that it’s great for creamy sauces and even thawing frozen baby food, so I’m going to be trying both of those things soon. 

The BEKA Bain Marie is available at Amazon for $49.95.

I received the product free charge in exchange for my honest review.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions remain my own, as always.

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