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Bathroom Makeover with Glidden Paint

Okay, when y’all see the current color of our bathroom, you are going to say “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”  So, I’m going to lay the blame on my husband and tell you that he picked out the color.  Which is true.  But I okay’d it too.  *ahem*  We knew it was horrible the moment we put it on the wall, but we were so ready to move in.  We had worked on this house for 6 months and we were moving in- ugly bathroom and all.


See?  I told you it was bad.  This photo is from when we were remodeling, but still.  It’s bad.  We’ve lived with it for over a year now and it’s time to get rid of the green. 

You’ve probably come to the conclusion that we aren’t afraid of color.  We’ve used green, blue, aqua, red, and gray in our house.  Honestly, I think maybe we are afraid of NOT using color on the walls.  So, I’m challenging myself with this bathroom makeover.  I’m going neutral with pops of accent colors.  Or at least, I want to.


The biggest challenge is that this is our only bathroom.. and it’s pretty tiny.  I want it to feel “grown-up” but it has to be kid friendly at the same time.  There are going to be dirty hand prints, so everything has to be washable.

We recently took a trip to Walmart to pick out a few Glidden Testers in different colors.  I printed off $2 coupons, so the testers cost less than $1.  This was my first time to visit the paint department at our Walmart since  they’ve reset the entire store.  I was impressed with how well everything was organized and displayed.  To see our shopping trip, you can watch below.  You may need to click through to read the full captions.

Hubby picked the yellow and orange.  I picked the other colors.  He’s leaning towards the yellow, but I have another color in mind.  I think the Granny Smith Apple green would be beautiful.  Honestly, the current green makes it almost impossible to imagine these colors on the wall.  I’m going to paint on a canvas with them to get a real feel and then I’ll make my decision.  I have to make it soon though, because we plan on painting this weekend.

Do you see what happens when I want to go neutral?  We still come home with bright colors!

I want a light and airy feeling to this room, because of it’s size.  Maybe I can talk the hubby into some beadboard wall paper or chair rails?  We’ll see!

Which color would YOU go with?

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Glidden Testers/Paint #collectivebias.


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