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Simple Pleasures (Wordless Wednesday)


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  • >what a GOREGOUS nursery. I seriously thought it was from a magazine until I decided that it must be your actual house since I can see your adorable lil Popsicle fan down there!!

  • >Your kids are absolutely ADORABLE, that rainbow cupcake looks so pretty and DELICIOUS, and that room is GORGEOUS!

  • >Oh my! Your baby's hair is so pretty! Also, I would like to have her room, love that wall color!

  • >Your pictures are so awesome. I am really digging the cupcakes too! I have been buying all kinds of cupcake/cake decorating supplies and plan to have some fun this weekend.

    Love all your photos!

  • >Those photos are AWESOME! I loved them! Your baby's hair – wow! Mine have never had that much hair. And the nursery, I love all that sunshine and the colors you picked out – so pretty!!

  • >Hi!

    I love the pictures! I have a couple of questions: Did you post somewhere about how to make the rainbow cupcakes? I would love to make them for my daughter's birthday. Are they flavored? Also, I know you posted on the baby mat Bella is lying on…can you tell me the name again? Thank you so much!!

  • >Oh my goodness, Bella's hair is amazing. My 8 yr old daughter still doesn't have that much hair.

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