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Shop for Dad at Red Envelope

Shopping for my husband is difficult.  He wants things like truck parts or guns and I’m not expert on either of those.  So, I tell him to go buy whatever he wants and then I pick out something “normal” for him.

Red_Envelope_Logo is one of my favorite online shops.  I could make an entire list of things *I* want from there.  It isn’t all about me though. (darn!)  They carry some of the best gifts for dad too.  Whether the dad in your life is a grill master or golf master, they’ve got you covered. 

They offer personalization on a lot of their gifts.  Adding a name or monogram can turn a so-so item into a more meaningful gift.  Wanna know which of the memorable Father’s Day gifts is my absolute favorite?  Allow me to show you.


Okay so, I wanted this as much as my husband, but still.  What man wouldn’t love coming home to this?  It holds 11 special memories and it’s so simple to install.  The best part?  Once you install the top rod, everything else is gravy.  Not having to level all of those photos is worth the $79.99 price tag!  Because the photos just hook on there, you can change them whenever you like without a hassle.  That is fantastic for me, because I like to update our photos often.  It has over 4 out of 5 stars with 315 reviews!

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What are you getting Dad this year?  I bet if you take a look around, you’ll find the perfect gift!

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