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Bella at Four Months

Well Bella, your fourth month was a whirlwind.  We celebrated your first Easter in Enterprise with family.  We lived through a tornado that took 33 lives in DeKalb country alone.  We stayed with your nana & pop for five nights after the storms.  We lived without power for a few days.  You went to see Thomas the Train and had your second trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga.


You fight sleep.  Like, you just flat out refuse to sleep.  If I can get you to take an hour long nap during the day, it’s a miracle.  You fuss, your eyes become bloodshot and puffy, you pull your hair, you cry, but you won’t sleep.  It’s frustrating for me, but I know this stage will be gone in no time.  The only way I can get you to sleep most of the time is to lay down with you and let you nurse yourself to sleep.


Now, let’s talk about that four hour ride to Enterprise.  By the time we arrived, my nerves were shot and I had decided to just stay a few months until maybe you wouldn’t cry on the way home.  You screamed for three out of the four hours.  It was horrible.  Really, it was.  So, when you started that on the way home, I crawled over the seats and sat in back with you.  You didn’t make a peep the entire ride.  Had I known it was that simple, I would have rode in the back seat with you the entire way.  You do love your mama- there is no doubting that.


You like to play in your activity gym and sit in your Bumbo.  You reach and grab the toys on your gym.  You are slowly starting to shy away from your swing.  You also play in your pretty pink Bounce Bounce Baby for short periods of time.  I think by the end of this month, your little feet will be able to reach better.  The Bumbo has been a sanity saver, much like it was with your brother.  You’ll sit in it and watch me cook or dry my hair.  As long as I turn and talk to you or smile at you, you are usually content in it.


You’ve rolled over both ways quite a few times this month.  It isn’t constant, but you can absolutely do it when you want.  We are finishing up this pack of size 1 diapers and then you are moving to a size 1-2.  I doubt you’ll stay in those long, my chunky gal.  You have rolls all over and a cute double (sometimes triple) chin.  You have babbling spells where you’ll “talk” our ears off and you’ve started laughing out loud.


You are still exclusively breastfed and I couldn’t change that if I wanted to.  (I don’t.)  We’ve tried to give you bottles of pumped milk, but you aren’t having it.  At all.  I haven’t pumped in weeks, because it seems pointless.  I’d like to go on a date with your daddy, little girl.  So, I’m going to start pumping again and try a few different suggestions.  You’ll take the bottle when you are ready, I know this.


You have your four month check-up next Thursday and I’m excited to see how much you’ve grown.  You have definitely put on weight- there is no doubting that!

And yes, we still get comments on her hair.  Every time we are out and about, without fail.  Lately, people have started commenting over her fabulous eyes too.  They look just like her Daddy’s.


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  • >I completely LOVED all those photos and the narative was wonderful.
    Her hair is adorable… love the cowlick, my son had one like that.
    I am not surprised that people mention her eyes, they are absolutely beautiful.
    I think my fave photo is the one of her in polka dots… too cute!

  • >I do love that hair. My son has hair like that. He had his first haircut at six months and he probably should have at 4!

  • >That was a beautiful post. When she gets older, she will enjoy all the details you put in there. Bella is a cutie pie!

  • >Look at all of that hair! I love Bella!!! Sooo cute! And congrats with going 4 months nursing! Woohoo great accomplishment. 🙂

  • >She's gorgeous! And I'm so jealous of her hair… like, I want it! haha My hair is falling out post-pregnancy, it's so sad. I was hoping I would skip that stage… okay I'm being random.

    My little guy is 3 1/2 months and naps quite a few times throughout the day… so do I have this to look forward to in the next couple weeks? lol I hope not, it saves my sanity! And the Bumbo has been a sanity-saver for me, too. 🙂 He loves it! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to