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Purex Complete with Zout Review

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Y’all know by now that I am a Purex Insider.  One of  the perks is that I get to try out new Purex products and share them with y’all!  I’m thrilled to be apart of the Purex gang, because we’ve used it for years.

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The newest addition to the Purex family is Purex Complete with Zout.  As you may have guessed from the name, it combines the proven performance of Purex detergent with the triple-enzyme stain-fighting power of Zout stain remover.  Is that a mouthful or what?  Basically, I’m saying this is a detergent and pre-treater, all in one.  This detergent will work in all machines- traditional and HE.  It is available in “Fresh Morning Burst” scent and “Free & Clear” which is fragrance free.


We’ve used Purex Complete with Zout for the past month with great success.  I’ve used it as my normal detergent and as a pre-treater for stains.  I’ve had great results with both.  We had one terrible chocolate milk stain and I can still see a little bit of, but I think one more wash will take care of it.  Bryson spilled his milk and I didn’t find it until the next day, so I’m surprised it got most of the stain out on the first try.  If I would have found it soon and used this as a pre-treater, I’m almost positive it would have lifted the stain the first time.  If you like a scented detergent, you will love the “Fresh Morning Burst.”  It smells wonderful, but it isn’t too loud.  I used “Free & Clear” detergents on that baby’s clothes, so I’m going to pick up the new Purex Complete with Zout “Free & Clear” too. 

I’ve used Purex for years- even before I became an Insider.  Why?  The price.  Laundry detergent is crazy expensive, so you cannot beat that quality and price of Purex.  Depending upon the size and retailer, you’ll find the new Purex Complete with Zout for $3.99 – $7.99. 

Wanna try it for yourself?  Visit to request a free sample of Purex Complete with Zout.

We received the mentioned products to assist with a review, but no other compensation was provided.  All opinions remain my own. 


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