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I remember one of the first times we took Bryson out.  I was still breastfeeding, but also supplementing with formula (mistake!).  We were at a birthday party at a little community center and realized that we didn’t have a way to warm his bottle.  Justin had to find a pot, put some water on to boil, and then sit Bryson’s bottle in the hot water to warm it.  When you have a hungry baby, this method is definitely not preferred. 


Thankfully, I am still exclusively breastfeeding Bella and I plan to for at least a year.  Still, there will come a time that she will receive a bottle and we won’t have to go boiling water in a community center to do it either.  Why?  We have an On The Fly Bottle Warmer.  I hadn’t heard of this until we were given the chance to try it out.  I so wish I had it when Bryson was a baby!   

On the Fly

This neat little invention is simple to use and only requires two steps:

How To Use On The Fly™ Bottle in 2 Easy Steps!
  1. Place prepared bottle in On The Fly™ BottleSOC & pull up outer layer of the BottleSOC
  2. Wrap air activated warmer around inner layer of BottleSOC, pull down outer layer of BottleSOC

A perfect bottle will be ready for your baby in 30 minutes or less. Never overheats.

on the fly bottle1on the fly bottle2

This is a great product to keep tucked in your diaper bag, just in case.  Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, it’s small and won’t take up much room.  I can definitely see it coming in handy for long trips!  If you’ve ever used “hot hands”- that’s what the warmer reminds me of to give you a better idea.

Something to keep in mind is that it can take up to 30 minutes to warm a bottle.  So, if your child is hungry NOW, this won’t work for you, so plan ahead.  It cannot be used with bottles that require liners.  The packaging also states that you should consult a pediatrician before using to warm breast milk.  While this may not be for everyone, I think it would work wonderfully for most formula feeding moms.

The On The Fly Bottle Warmer is available in two sizes and will fit most bottles.  You can purchase it online or at your local Babies ‘R Us.

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