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Why I’m Choosing NOT to be Induced..

Note: I had planned this post for two weeks ago, but instead of hitting the “publish” button, I went into labor & gave birth to my little girl.  Bella’s birth was completely opposite of Bryson’s and exactly what I had wished for.  Be on the look out for that post.  (:

A little over two years ago, I walked into the hospital knowing that my son would soon be born.  Not because I was in labor, I hadn’t even felt the first contraction.  I was 38 weeks and 1 day along and my doctors encouraged me to be induced.  The first time mom in me was so excited to meet my child that I didn’t even think to look at the risks of an induction, which include an increased risk of a cesarean section.

We arrived around 6:30AM and headed to the labor & delivery ward.  In about an hour, I was hooked up to machines to monitor me and the baby.  I had an IV inserted and a Pitocin drip.  As soon as the medication entered my body, I got a full blown migraine.  At first, my nurse tried to tell me my nerves caused my migraine.  Umm.. hello?  I think I would know if that were the case!  Labor and delivery didn’t make me nervous.

Of course, you aren’t allowed to eat OR drink anything during an induction.  I spent the entire day feeling like I would die of thirst and eating ice chips.  All I wanted was an orange drink. The saline drip caused me to have to urinate even more than usual, so I was up, down, up, down, unhooking wires, re-hooking wires, for hours.  Then, my migraine progressed and I ended up nauseous.  I began vomiting and then had to wear an oxygen mask until I delivered.

After over two hours of pushing, Bryson was born.  I was elated, but so drugged up that the emotions didn’t feel right.  I could not quite vomiting.  Then, of course, I had the shakes.  I vomited for about two hours after he was born.  Every single time I’d take a sip of a drink, it came right back up.  That made it bit hard to snuggle my newborn!

Walking out of those hospital doors two days later, I knew I would NEVER choose to be induced again.  No matter how wonderful it sounds, how exciting it is to meet your child, how hyped the doctors make it sound—it just isn’t for me. 

Honestly, it is my opinion that doctors should not induce women unless it is medically necessary or if they are overdue.  There are good reasons to be induced, but being eager to meet your little one is not one of those reasons.

This time around, I’m playing the waiting game.  I’m allowing my body to do exactly what it was made to do.  I’m letting my daughter choose her birth date.

This post is not intended to offend anyone.  I know plenty of women who choose to be induced.  I’m just stating my experience and opinion. 


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  • >Thanks for sharing how you feel about induction! I am having my first baby in just a few short weeks and my doctor has told me I could be induced after 39 weeks if I wanted to but I just dont feel right "picking" my baby's birthday.

  • >Really interesting reading your experience. In the UK induction and epidurals are something given as the ultimate last resort. I wonder why?
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