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Bella at One Month


I hoped that time would slow a bit with you, my darling.  My pregnancy flew by and I have spent the past month trying to drink every moment in. You are a wonderful baby and you are without a doubt, a complete and total Mama’s girl.  It could be because you are exclusively breastfed, a fact that I am quite proud of, but you are truly only content in my arms.  During your first month, I have probably help you 22 hours a day- that is no exaggeration.  Actually, it could be an underestimate. 


At your two week check-up, you weighed 7lb 12oz which is great.  That means you were not only back at your birth weight, but you were already gaining.  You had also gotten longer at 21.75 inches.  You hated the heel stick and were so strong.  You kicked with your other foot and messed up the test.  The nurse said we shouldn’t be surprised if it had to be re-done.  Thankfully, we haven’t gotten that call yet!


From the time you were two weeks until just this week, you seemed to be going through a major growth spurt.  I have nursed you all day, every day for weeks.  At times, I wanted to sit you down so I could get a few things down, but those moments were short.  I know how fast this stage is, so I am going to cuddle with you and nurse you every change I get.  If the dishes stay in the sink, who cares?  We’ll get them clean eventually.


Speaking of the sink, you love baths in our big white sink.  You can be fussy and you instantly calm down when you touch the water.  You fit perfectly in it and love to push against it with your legs.  After a bath, your hair is curly as can be. 


You are still wearing newborn clothes, but I think that will only last a few more days.  You have gotten so long already and you are starting to fill out a little bit.  I don’t think you’ll ever be chunky like your brother was though.  You are officially out of newborn diapers as of today and are wearing a size 1.  You refuse to take a pacifier 90% of the time and that’s just fine with me.  On the rare occasion, you will take it from your Gangan more than anyone else.


During the past few days, you’ve started sleeping more during the day.  Before, you’d wake up crying as soon as I put you down.  This week though, you’ve given me a few 30 minutes breaks and even an hour long stretch once.  Hallelujah!  Compared to your brother, you are a champion sleeper at night.  We are currently sleeping on the couch together, just because it is easier for me to nurse you.  You wake up a few times, latch on, and off to sleep we go again.  I was so completely exhausted with your brother the first few months, so I cannot tell you what an unexpected and pleasant surprise your sleeping is to me.


I love that you are a boobie baby, but I have been trying to pump too.  Your Dad has given you 2 (maybe 3?) bottles of mama’s milk.  He has it too easy this time around, but I can tell that he really wants me to pump more so he can feed you more often.  I like if too, if for no other reason than it allows me some uninterrupted time to soak in the tub.


You, my girl, already have some terribly mean looks.  Even though we know you don’t mean anything by it, I think you’ve hurt your daddy’s feeling with those looks more than once.  We’ll have to make sure you don’t use those too frequently when you do know what they mean! 


You already “coo” a few times a day and it always catches me off guard.  It melts my heart to hear you cooing and brings a smile to my face every single time.  At this stage, there is no sweeter sound!


Your big brother absolutely adores you.  He asks about your first thing in the morning and wants to hold you multiple times per day.  He knows when you are nursing and says “She hungry?”  I was so afraid of how he would adapt to the changes, but you have stolen his heart just like you have your mom and dad’s.


I look forward to watching you grow (but not too quickly!) and to seeing your personality develop.  You have been such an amazing blessing and I love you more than words.


P.S.  I really, really LOVE your hair, baby girl.  Nine months of heartburn was so worth it! 


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  • >This is so sweet! My little guy is 3 weeks so I can definitely relate to eeeeverything you're saying here. 🙂 And I just ordered some little monthly onesie stickers like you have (except ours are dinosaurs) – love those!

  • >Beautiful! Your story and her, both lovely!

    Lucy is 2 months old and time keeps flying! She is in 3-6 month clothes already. I adore your Bella's hair! My little girl has peach fuzz. Not much, but it is there 🙂

    You are so blessed Whitney!

  • >What a cutie pie! I'm giving birth to my first little girl in May and I can't wait! (to meet my baby…not to give birth ;)) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to