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Baby Update

… she isn’t here yet!

I had my regular check-up today.  At 38 weeks, I am dilated to “2” and had my membranes stripped.  Doc said she had a “really good feeling” that I would have a baby within the next few days and wouldn’t be back for another appointment.  I have had irregular contractions for about 3 weeks, so I’m hoping they start to get stronger and regular. 

I am very excited to meet Bella, so I hope the doctor is right.  I know there really isn’t any hard core proof that stripping the membranes will jumpstart labor, but I’m hoping that my body is ready, so it will help.  At 37 weeks, I wasn’t even dilated to “1” so the fact that I had made it to a “2” in one week gives me hope. 

If you don’t here from me for a few days, you’ll know I’m snuggling a newborn baby girl! 


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