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Happy New Year’s Eve!

We don’t have any big plans this year.  I think we’ll just sit at home and veg out on the couch- maybe even let Bryson stay up with us.  I doubt he’d ever make it to midnight, but we can always try.  Or is that just asking for a bad day?  On second thought, I think we’ll put him to bed, so he will be enjoyable on the first day of 2011! 


2010 was the best year ever.  Seriously.  We finally finished our home & moved into it in February.  We started trying for Baby #2 the week after my 21st birthday and became pregnant that same week.  We found out on Mother’s Day that we were expecting.  In August, we learned we were going to be blessed with a daughter, Bella Grace.  Bryson is going to be such a great big brother!  Speaking of which, we celebrated his second birthday this month by taking him to the aquarium.  We celebrated our first Christmas in our new home.  So many firsts made for a fabulous year.


2011 will be the best year ever too, I’m sure.  Bella will be making her arrival sometime during January.  I can’t wait to meet her and to introduce her to her big brother, Bryson.  It’s hard for me to believe life could be better than this, but I’m sure becoming a family of four will prove me wrong.  Here’s to 2011!


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  • >Hey Whitney! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog—I'm new to this and really appreciate you reading my post!! This post made me tear up a bit–I can't wait for us to have kids!! I hope you have a great New Year and welcome Baby Bella very soon!!
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