Favorite Products of 2010

After taking half of 2010 off from regular blogging, I am so glad to be back.  In the last half, I have been super blessed to work with some great companies.  I thought I’d do a little review of my favorite products from the past year.

Flitrete Pitcher
In the Kitchen

Our Filtrete water pitcher is used every day.  I joke with my husband that there is something in this pitcher  that makes water addictive like crack.  I drink so much more water since switching to Filtrete.
Full review here.
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waterpikIn the Bathroom
The Waterpik Showerhead is in constant use at my parent’s house.  After being disappointed with so many other brands, they are loving this one and still have nothing but good things to say about it.
Full review here.
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Bella's nursery 0051
Around the House
I am head over heels for LightCatcher curtains.  I only have them in Bella’s room, but I want them in my bedroom and living room.  They look so expensive, but are so affordable—not to mention beautiful, soft, and light-blocking.
Full review here.
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For Her
Calgon Bubble Bath has been wonderful.  I love the different scents and how soft my skin feels after a bath with it.  You will find this in the tub with me during every bath, which is quite often.
Full review here.
Available at national retailers.

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