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Bella’s Bright, Fabulous, & Funky Nursery (Part 1)

Or the alternate name for this post: the longest blog post in history.   On second thought, I am going to make this into more than one post.  It was just too long to post it all at once!

Bella's nursery 007 1

The wall color is called “Aqua Rapids” and it is by the Valspar Signature line at Lowes.  I picked up a picture frame at TJ MAXX and took it to Lowes.  They couldn’t color match it, but my husband and I scoured paint chips until we found a match that suited us.  Let me just say that the Signature line ROCKS.  We bought 2 gallons, because that is how much it would have normally taken, but with the Signature line, we never opened the second gallon. We actually have part of the first gallon left, so we wasted quite a bit of money by purchasing way too much paint.  It does cost more per gallon, but because it takes less- it’s worth it!

Bella's nursery 0121

We were able to find her crib & changing table used.  My lovely Gangan bought the crib for us & I paid $30 for her changing table.  When I saw it sitting on the side of the road for sale, I had to stop & check it out.  I’m so glad I did, because it runs around $100 otherwise.

Bella's nursery 0071

The “Keep Calm and Carry On” print came from Natalie Layton Photography on Etsy. She was running a  BOGO special, so I picked up a larger print for my living room and decided to put the smaller one here.  My husband said I’d probably need to read it for those sleepless nights, haha.

Hanging above her changing table are two dresses I ordered from Pomme Pomme Couture on Etsy.  When I found out I was having a girl, I knew I had to have some of these onesie dresses and I actually ended up ordering (4!) of them from this seller.  They are too cute to be hanging in a closet, so I decided to bring them in as décor.  Compared to other sellers, her prices are super affordable and she puts so much detail in each dress that it is amazing.

The red & white checkered wreath and the yellow owl are both thrift store finds.  The birds are decals from Lot 26.  The flower hangers are clearance finds that I have had for at least five years and never used.  I’m glad I held onto them now!  I also found the green Pottery Barn changing cover at a thrift store, along with a white one.  They are super soft & I love finding things that I would never fork the money over for at such deep discounts.



Bella's nursery 0131

Her vanity and chest are practically members of the family, just with a bit of revamping.  These were my great grandmothers, so it means a lot for me to be able to use them in my daughter’s room.  It took a bit of wood glue, some sanding, paint, polyurethane, and new knobs, but I am in LOVE with how they turned out!  We plan on having a new mirror cut for the vanity.  We used spray Yellow Crème spray paint from the Valspar line at Lowe’s, just in case you were wondering.

Bella's nursery 0091

The owls canvas print above her chest is also part of the Circo line and actually prompted my decision to go with the Love & Nature line.  I rarely make it to a Target store (like once a year) and I am so glad I went back in October.  As soon as I saw this print, I knew I had to have it for Bella’s room.  It costs $24.99 which I thought was a steal for such a large canvas print!


The knobs came from this seller on e-bay.  These are solid glass and much nicer than what you’ll find at your big box stores.  Even after paying shipping costs, I saved about $50 compared to if I had bought the not-so-fabulous knobs that Lowes carries.

Bella's nursery 0051

I can’t forget the gorgeous curtains.  We were sent a pair of panels and a valance for review and they set the room off.  Not only do they look gorgeous, but they block out the light completely.  LightCatcher Curtains are available at BuyBuyBaby.

Stay tuned for Part 2 which will feature her crib, wall decals, vanity, chandelier, and much more!



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