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We had a fabulous trip this weekend and our air conditioning was fixed Monday.  I was a bit worried about getting too hot on our trip.  Traveling 8 hours on the water while pregnant just didn’t sound very relaxing.  I am glad I put my fears aside and went though, because we had a blast.  On our way up there, it was actually overcast for most of the way.  We stopped at Hales Bar for lunch and timed it perfectly… It started to rain while we were eating and by the time we were finished, so was the rain.  We did run into a few sprinkles a bit later, but it didn’t last long.

We left out at about 7:30AM and arrived in Chattanooga at about 5:15PM.  We spent a lot of time stopped at Hales Bar and we taking dips in the water, so we weren’t on the boat that entire time.  This annual trip was started last year.  I mentioned that next year we should go up on Friday, stay all day Saturday, and head home Sunday.  We were joined by my parents and two other couples… all of which are old enough to be our parents.  We joked that when we are 60, we will have to take the seats out of the boat to fit all of their wheelchairs, haha.  They don’t make cool people our age, it seems!

By the time we checked into our hotel Saturday, we were all worn out.. and some were quite drunk.  We had reservations at the Big River Grille and though I had heard great things, it simply wasn’t that great.   There were 8 of us and I ordered one of the cheapest things on their menu.  I have always loved pizza, but even more-so during this pregnancy.  I am glad I did order the pizza, because I was the only person that was happy with my meal.  For the money, the food should have been much, much better.  Almost everyone ordered some kind of steak and all of them were disappointed.  It made me glad I ordered pizza!

IMG_9538Hubby & I at dinner.

You can probably tell from the above photograph that my husband was drah-unk.  He took a bottle of Jager on the boat and well, let’s just that it didn’t make it to Chattanooga with us.  It was gone.  He didn’t drink it alone, but boy he was gone!  For the most part, it was hilarious.  I had NEVER saw him drunk like that.  We laughed and laughed.  We kept thinking he would sober up, but it took a LONG time.

After dinner, we walked down to the water for a concert.  It was the kickoff of Riverfront Nights which runs during August and September.  We listened to one band play and headed to Ben & Jerry’s.  By the time we finished our ice cream (I had a smoothie) we were all ready for bed.  Justin & I really wanted to enjoy the city, but we were just too tired.  Our hotel was right across from the IMAX Theater and the Aquarium.  Maybe next year we will stay longer & enjoy more.  Oh, they had horse drawn carriages giving rides and they were beautiful.  I sat on our balcony that night and just admired each one that came by.  That is something else I’d like to do when we go back.

Since this post is already so long, I will finish up my recap in another post!  I hope you guys are having a great week!

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