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So Smart! Baby’s First Word Stories Review

As most of you know by now, I am always on the look out for products that will help entertain Bryson. I never want to stop at just entertainment though- added educational value is always a plus. When I was asked to review the Baby’s First Word Stories by So Smart! I couldn’t pass up the chance.

We were sent the House Baby’s First Word Stories DVD to review. First off, I have to say this is once of the cutest DVDs I have ever viewed. From the names of the characters to the voices and animation- it is all absolutely adorable. The music helps hold baby’s attention as do the animals.

Here is a bit about the Baby’s First Word Stories DVD.

“Helping children learn their first words is an exciting time for every parent. Specially designed for 1 to 3 year olds, Baby’s First-Word Stories incorporates age-appropriate content such as:

Word repetition
Words in varied contexts
Simple, easy-to-follow stories narrated in present tense
An interactive, segment “wrap-up” of key words
A gentle pace
Opportunities for children to participate and interact
Smooth transitions-avoidance of “jump cuts” or rapid changes in visual content
Stimulating, but not sudden, loud or jarring music

The First-Word Stories experience doesn’t have to end with the DVD! Each First-Word Stories DVD comes with an Activity Guide, filled with innovative activities that relate to each story. As children explore the world, they can take the lessons of First-Word Stories with them.”
One thing mentioned above is that there are no rapid changes or jump cuts in visual content. That is one of my favorite things about this series. Most children’s DVDs I have watched quickly change subjects or have downtime during which Bryson will be up and going because he is no longer interested. This DVD flows smoothly and that also helps hold a little one’s attention.

Overall, I give this DVD 5 stars and I look forward to trying out other So Smart! products. You will not be disappointed and your baby will thank you for this DVD.

Watch & Play! You can view a trailer of the House DVD here. To view the activities, visit this page.

Buy it! You can order the Baby’s First Word Stories DVDs and many other So Smart! products at www.sosmart.com. The DVDs retail for $15.99 and the DVD sets start at $24.99.

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