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Bryson’s First Fair!

I missed out on Wordless Wednesday this week, but that’s alright because we went to the fair tonight. We were able to get a few photos. Bryson was so amazed with the lights, people, and music that he wasn’t interested in posing. We took him on the Merry-Go-Round and he loved the horses.

Justin made sure to let him see the animals. I think his Daddy enjoys that more than he does. We were able to see a ton of people we hadn’t in so long. A few of them had never met Bryson- yeah, it had been that long! A few of our close friends were there and Bryson was mesmerized with our friend, Patrick.

I’m glad the fair only comes twice a year. You just know the food is extremely overpriced, but you have to buy it! Then, you (I) justify that with the fact that we only go once a year. That makes it all better! Justin was also suckered into a duck ($5) and then, another booth would let him trade in his duck if he would just play. So, Bryson ended up with Nemo for $10. My hubby is such a sucker!

It is VERY rare to get a photo of Bryson and I, as I am usually behind the camera. And with that, I am off to bed. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! As of now, we have no plans, but that is bound to change!

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