Top Ten Tuesday – Yard Sale

I had a successful yard sale Saturday This top ten is dedicated to those things that I am glad to see gone.
  1. A large Chinese style vase. I never liked it (it was Mom’s) and Bryson loved it. He would have eventually knocked it over and shattered it, so I am glad to see it gone!


  • Make Up. I have a small cosmetic bag of the make up I routinely use, but for some reason, I had a drawer dedicated to make up. I set the entire contents of that drawer out and it was selling like crazy. (You definitely didn’t find any of my MAC though!)



  • Clothes. Still have a ton left, but I love to see it go!



  • Bar stools. We had four bar stools that were not being used & 3 of them sold.



  • As seen on TV products. Left over from my mom & dad’s closeout store, just taking up space!



  • Kotex. Yes, you heard me right. That Kotex you get for free at Wal Mart? I sold it for $0.50 a piece and I sold out! I probably had 50+ packs! I’m glad I set a few out for myself, just in case. I never thought Kotex would be a top seller at a yard sale. I have ordered 130 more coupons.



  • Buddies. I didn’t set any of these aside & I sold out of them also. $0.50 a piece & I have 60+ more coupons coming now.



  • Baby items! I sold a wind up swing & a bouncer. We never used either of them.



  • Shampoo. I only put a few out at a time, because I really didn’t think it would do well. I sold every bottle I put out.



  • Bryson’s cradle. So, this was bittersweet, but we paid $30 last year. It was used, but absolutely gorgeous. It sold this year for $50.


We made over $200. I could not believe that my stockpile items sold out, so I’m going to stock back up. I plan on having a sale every Saturday for the next few weeks. We had a great turnout. Justin finally had to go take our signs down, because people just kept coming & I was tired! You know what I love more than the money? Seeing that stuff gone!

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  • >That's awesome! I love your kotex & buddies ideas …free into profit!! I might need to order some coupons!!

  • >Wow! That's amazing! I can't believe the make-up and Kotex. People always buy the weirdest things at yard sales, I think. The things we think they are going to love don't sell, but they go crazy over what you least expect.

  • >How original! The Kotex cracks me up! I could do a Top Ten of what I NEED to sell in a yard sale, but it would probably turn into a Top 100… is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to