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Small Talk Six

six things I think my husband & the father of my son deserves
  • all the happiness in the world.
  • to have a father that isn’t addicted to drugs
  • to be closer to his family. or at the very least, to see them more often.
  • a trophy for putting up with me. (he would agree!)
  • for his son to want to be like his dad. (I know Bryson will.)
  • to be appreciated.

Just to tell you the kind of person my husband is, I’ll share a few short stories.

  • Once we were driving around on back roads (before gas was expensive & we were still young) some cows had gotten out of a fence. He went door to door to find the owner and then he helped round the cows up and get them back into the fence.
  • A clerk at a convenience store asked DH to go get her some lunch. This has happened twice, two different women, and he brought them food both times.
  • While we were at the beach, DH walked across the road to a covenience store. A limo full of chicks pulled over and asked him to get in. He simply told them to go away and that they were crazy. They didn’t like that. You would think the ring would have given it away, but maybe they didn’t care.
  • He treats his dad like his son and tries to take care of him. If you have ever dealt with a meth addict, you know how hard this is.
  • Kids flock to him. We were at McDonald’s one day and this little boy just came and sat with us. He talked our ears off and then invited us to go to a ballgame with him, because he didn’t want to leave Justin. This happens all. the. time.
  • He goes coupon shopping with me. After I find the product, he holds the coupon until we check out. He doesn’t exactly enjoy it, but he does it for me. He also tells me how proud he is of me.


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