Small Talk Six

Today’s topic is 6 things about your children that you are proud of.

At almost six months old, I’m proud of every poop, snot, and smile Bryson graces me with; I am head over heels for him.

  1. He’s healthy. He has loved to eat since the day he was born. By his two month checkup, he’d already gained his birth weight back, plus three ounces. I was breastfeeding, so that was great. By two months, he was over 14 pounds. At four months, he was pushing 19 pounds. I’m sure he is well over 21 pounds now. I love my chunky boy.
  2. He has given up the pacifier. He was never really attached to it, but he’d take it to go to sleep most of the time. He didn’t take a pacifier the entire time we were gone, so I have put them all up.
  3. He loves his sippy cup. I’ve read horror stories about getting kids to take a sippy. Bryson already loves his. He holds it, brings it to his mouth, he’ll set it down and do it all over again. He also likes to chew on it.
  4. Instead of crawling, he rolls anywhere he wants to go. He’ll be crawling in no time, but for now, he has found his own way to get where he wants to go.
  5. His love for the outdoors. His dad & I both grew up outdoors, playing sports, riding bikes, etc. Bryson loves to go outside. If he’s fussy, you can simply take him out on the porch and he instantly quiets.
  6. He’s loves people. I am so thankful that he can be a mama’s boy, but still enjoy other people. I love that I can hand him to someone else without tears. He’s definitely going to be a people person like his daddy.

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