Top Ten Tuesday – Things (NOT) to Forget

Just a quick one today as I didn’t get my original finished. You’ll get it next week.
Today is going to be more for me than anything.
things I shouldn’t forget for the beach (that it would be just like me to forget)
  1. sunscreen


  • pack ‘n play



  • my camera



  • memory cards



  • Bryson’s blankets



  • Bryson’s sweet potatoes



  • Bryson’s float for the pool



  • shades (our & Bry’s)



  • pictures for the family



  • computer (maybe, still undecided here)


Of course, there are also clothes as we usually wear those & toothbrushes, etc. The things listed above are things I could imagine myself forgetting. This will only be our second trip (first beach trip!) with Bryson and he’s a totally different child than three months ago, so his needs have changed.

Feel free to add to my list. Anything else you can think of to make our trip easier, other than nerve pills & whiskey?

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  • >Pictures for the family. Those are the kinds of things I always forget. I for some reason remember to bring an extra sheet for the p&p or an extra set of baby spoons. But the fun stuff I've promised to bring…ususally sitting on the kitchen table at home!

    Have fun!

  • >Typically those are not the things I forget – because I am so paranoid.

    However, I tend to get a new toothbrush on a trip because, yep you guessed it, I forgot mine.

    I have also had to buy underwear, borrow socks, jackets (in the fall), and on one occasion, buy a bathing suit.

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