Small Talk Six

today’s topic is 6 things that make you sick, but you eat them anyways

If I know something is going to make me sick, more than likely, I’m not going to eat it. There has been one (or two, now that I think of it!) instances where I knew something was going to make me sick, but I kept drinking it. I’ll explain.

I was induced with Bryson. Of course, you can’t eat or drink anything after midnight. I didn’t have Bryson until 7:09 P.M. I was eating ice chips like no other, even though they kept telling me I really shouldn’t. I thought I was going to die of thirst. Before I started pushing, I told Justin to have me a Fanta or Sunkist open and ready. As soon as this baby was out, I was taking a drink! Bryson arrived & I looked at doc & said “CAN I HAVE A DRINK NOW!?” He told me to wait another minute and let him get finished, yadda, yadda. As soon as he gave me the go ahead, I chugged that fanta. Then I puked. Then I drank more. And then I puked again. This cycle kept on and on and I did not care. I was so thirsty that it did not bother me one bit to vomit. I still think that was one of the best drinks in the world!

The other few times involve alcohol. I’ll let you use your imagination on those.

  1. fanta after giving birth
  2. alcohol after DH (we were dating at the time) had told me to slow down (should have listened!)
  3. pizza, after eating too much one night
  4. dressing. Again, I ate too much at Thanksgiving many years ago.
  5. sandwiches. for a while, any sandwich would make me vomit, but I’d still try them.
  6. toothpicks. These are served at a local restaurant and they always make me sick, but they are so delicious for the first little while.

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