Top Ten Tuesday: Summer

Summer is here and for that I am so very thankful! I am looking forward to so much.

  1. Bryson’s first summer. Last year, he was around for it, only he was still growing in my tummy. When we entered Guntersville State Park on Saturday, tears filled my eyes. I thought about how much fun we are going to have and how we’ve looked forward to this for so long.
  2. Boating. I love going out on our Fisher tritoon. It can be the most relaxing thing in the world or turn into an all out party boat. I prefer the relaxation, but a good time doesn’t hurt every once in a while.
  3. The beach. We will be going to my MIL’s wedding at the end of May. She’s getting married on Eglin Beach, so we’ll be staying in Fort Walton, FL. I love the beach and this will be Bryson’s first beach trip!
  4. Longer days. The days are already longer, but I wish it’d stay like this year-round.
  5. More time with family and friends. The summer seems to bring everyone together at the river. At any given time, there are at least 10-20 people gathered around talking, grilling out, drinking, and having a great time.
  6. Food! We grill out almost every day at the river. When we don’t cook, we’ll take the boat to different restaurants on the water.
  7. Getting in shape. I hope to go on a lot of walks this summer and start getting back in shape. Having a child in the middle of winter when it was too cold to go out and do anything has made me lazy!
  8. Swimming. We probably won’t do as much swimming this year, but there is nothing like a dip in the water on a super hot day.
  9. Saving money. This may seem a little off for summer, but I’ve already saved a ton of things for the river and summer foods! We stocked the camper from my stockpile almost completely.
  10. Fresh fruit. Cantaloupes, apples, oranges; need I say more?

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  • >Great list! I am so loving the fresh fruit now!

    I’m being nosy here…where do you live? Email me if you want to respond, but I grew up in Gadsden. I have spent a lot of time in Guntersville as my in-laws had a lake house for years.

  • >Great list! I like summer, when it first gets here, but within a few hot days, I'm ready for fall & winter, lol.

  • >Great list! I’m not a big fan of summer–why I was born to parents living in Alabama, I will never understand!–but you reminded me that summer brings lake days, and now I can’t wait to get out on the boat! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to