Bryson is FIVE! {A Small & Simple Toy Story Birthday}

Okay, so he’s been five for over a month now.  Even so, I still want to record the memory of his fifth birthday here on the blog.  I remember when he was born how age 5 sounded so old, so far away- and now, here we are.  5 is such a big age- a year […]

A Little Boy – Bryson

Bryson is closer to 5 now than he is to 4.  I can no longer see any of that chunky baby he once was.  That baby who never, ever slept and made me question every baby expert.  Newborns are supposed to sleep a lot?  Bryson must have missed that memo.  He’s all boy now.  I […]

A (Not So) Lazy River & Life Lately

When exactly did we get a life? That’s what Justin and I have been asking each other for weeks.  Life has been chaos- fun, exciting, tiring chaos, the best kind but it feels like it came out of nowhere.  It seems like everything picked up at the same time.  We started attending church, then t-ball […]

Our Little T-Ball Player {Wordless Wednesday}

Bryson is playing t-ball this year and it’s be so fun to watch him practice.  He spends quite a bit of time rolling around on the ground after missing a ball and I’m guaranteed at least one good laugh at each practice.  Our last practice was yesterday and games start next week.  He actually cooperated […]

Bryson’s First T-Ball Practice

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day.  The kids & I played outside for several hours during the day, soaking up the sunshine, mixing the water and dirt to make mud, swinging, and just enjoying the day. I had planned to take the kids to the playground.  Sippy cups in hand, a new book to read, […]

Day Fifteen – Giving Thanks in November

I am thankful for the almost four years I have been blessed with Bryson. From the moment Justin and I decided to try for our first child, we knew our lives would be forever changed. What I’ve learned since then is that you really cannot grasp the depth of a parent’s love until you actually […]

3D Glasses & Pig Tails – Wordless Wednesday

Bella’s hair has been long enough for pig tails for quite sometime, but I just pulled it up in them for the first time on Monday.  O.M.G.  Cutest thing ever.  It felt like a rite of passage- I can now call myself a good pig tail stylin’ mama.  (haha)  She looked so adorable that I […]

In January? Really? – Wordless Wednesday

Weirdly enough, January was a beautiful month.  If it weren’t for the rain, we could have played outside even more than we did.  My dad bought this little car for Bryson last summer, but he wouldn’t have much to do with it.  Now, he loves it and uses his imagination to become a fireman.  In […]

First Family Bowling Trip or A Post About Balls, Poop, & Playgrounds

I had this fantastic idea that we should go bowling as a family.  It sounded fantastic, anyway.  As with most things that involve a toddler (she’s a freakin’ toddler!  omg) and little boy (preschooler?), it didn’t go exactly as planned. Bryson had NO idea what bowling even was until a couple hours before we went.  […]

Three is Tough.

Two was a breeze. Three is kicking our butts. To the point where I’m throwing up my hands and saying “What am I doing wrong!?”  I spend all day every day with this child and that is certainly not the behavior I am modeling for him. Justin is the most laid back, easy going person […]