Bryson is FIVE! {A Small & Simple Toy Story Birthday}

Bryson 5

Okay, so he's been five for over a month now.  Even so, I still want to record the memory of his fifth birthday here on the blog.  I remember when he was born how age 5 sounded so old, so far away- and now, here we are.  5 is such a big age- a year … [Read more...]

A Little Boy – Bryson

Bryson June 2013 blog

Bryson is closer to 5 now than he is to 4.  I can no longer see any of that chunky baby he once was.  That baby who never, ever slept and made me question every baby expert.  Newborns are supposed to sleep a lot?  Bryson must have missed that memo.  … [Read more...]

A (Not So) Lazy River & Life Lately

Lake Winnie

When exactly did we get a life? That's what Justin and I have been asking each other for weeks.  Life has been chaos- fun, exciting, tiring chaos, the best kind but it feels like it came out of nowhere.  It seems like everything picked up at the … [Read more...]

Our Little T-Ball Player {Wordless Wednesday}

Tball Tbears Bryson 2013

Bryson is playing t-ball this year and it's be so fun to watch him practice.  He spends quite a bit of time rolling around on the ground after missing a ball and I'm guaranteed at least one good laugh at each practice.  Our last practice was … [Read more...]

Bryson’s First T-Ball Practice

T-Ball Practice

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day.  The kids & I played outside for several hours during the day, soaking up the sunshine, mixing the water and dirt to make mud, swinging, and just enjoying the day. I had planned to take the kids to the … [Read more...]

Day Fifteen – Giving Thanks in November

Mailing Thomas the Train Birthday Invitations for his 4th Birthday

I am thankful for the almost four years I have been blessed with Bryson. From the moment Justin and I decided to try for our first child, we knew our lives would be forever changed. What I've learned since then is that you really cannot grasp the … [Read more...]

3D Glasses & Pig Tails – Wordless Wednesday

The Kids

Bella's hair has been long enough for pig tails for quite sometime, but I just pulled it up in them for the first time on Monday.  O.M.G.  Cutest thing ever.  It felt like a rite of passage- I can now call myself a good pig tail stylin' mama.  … [Read more...]