Get Your Own Box


Bella and Bryson were playing in the living room yesterday when I noticed she had not made a sound in a few minutes.  She doesn't like to take naps anymore, but she still needs one so I often find her asleep in the living room after a few minutes of … [Read more...]

A (Not So) Lazy River & Life Lately

Lake Winnie

When exactly did we get a life? That's what Justin and I have been asking each other for weeks.  Life has been chaos- fun, exciting, tiring chaos, the best kind but it feels like it came out of nowhere.  It seems like everything picked up at the … [Read more...]

Princess Bella – Zulily Dance Week

Bella Grace Princess Tutu Zulily

Bella reminds me so much of myself sometimes that it's crazy.  She loves taking care of her baby dolls and acting like a little mama, but she isn't into the frill of being a girl.  Anytime I put on a dress of long, flowy skirt, she smiles and says, … [Read more...]

Bella’s Bunny Ear & Faces – {Wordless Wednesday}

Easter Bunny Ears Craft

Bryson, Bella, and I are working on some fun Easter crafts to feature next week.  After Bella helped me make these Easter bunny ears, I asked her (more like begged) for a picture of her wearing them.  She grabbed the opportunity to show me just a few … [Read more...]

The Faces of Bella


If you follow me on Instagram (I'm whitneybaugh) you've probably noticed that I share many photos of Bella with the hashtag #facesofbella.  This girl has the best facial expressions ever and she has so many of them.  I could sit and spend an entire … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Easter Dress for Bella Grace

Hartstrings Dress

Easter is right around the corner- how crazy is that!?  It falls on April 8th this year.  April is always a fun month for us- my husband and I both have April birthdays just a few days apart.  I'm looking forward to Easter more than ever because both … [Read more...]

3D Glasses & Pig Tails – Wordless Wednesday

The Kids

Bella's hair has been long enough for pig tails for quite sometime, but I just pulled it up in them for the first time on Monday.  O.M.G.  Cutest thing ever.  It felt like a rite of passage- I can now call myself a good pig tail stylin' mama.  … [Read more...]