Get Your Own Box

Bella and Bryson were playing in the living room yesterday when I noticed she had not made a sound in a few minutes.  She doesn’t like to take naps anymore, but she still needs one so I often find her asleep in the living room after a few minutes of quietness.  I walked in there […]

A (Not So) Lazy River & Life Lately

When exactly did we get a life? That’s what Justin and I have been asking each other for weeks.  Life has been chaos- fun, exciting, tiring chaos, the best kind but it feels like it came out of nowhere.  It seems like everything picked up at the same time.  We started attending church, then t-ball […]

Princess Bella – Zulily Dance Week

Bella reminds me so much of myself sometimes that it’s crazy.  She loves taking care of her baby dolls and acting like a little mama, but she isn’t into the frill of being a girl.  Anytime I put on a dress of long, flowy skirt, she smiles and says, “Mama, you are a princess!”  Every […]

Bella’s Bunny Ear & Faces – {Wordless Wednesday}

Bryson, Bella, and I are working on some fun Easter crafts to feature next week.  After Bella helped me make these Easter bunny ears, I asked her (more like begged) for a picture of her wearing them.  She grabbed the opportunity to show me just a few of her many faces.  This girl is so […]

The Faces of Bella

If you follow me on Instagram (I’m whitneybaugh) you’ve probably noticed that I share many photos of Bella with the hashtag #facesofbella.  This girl has the best facial expressions ever and she has so many of them.  I could sit and spend an entire day just watching her face change and mold with the situations […]

A Beautiful Easter Dress for Bella Grace

Easter is right around the corner- how crazy is that!?  It falls on April 8th this year.  April is always a fun month for us- my husband and I both have April birthdays just a few days apart.  I’m looking forward to Easter more than ever because both kids will be able to hunt eggs […]

3D Glasses & Pig Tails – Wordless Wednesday

Bella’s hair has been long enough for pig tails for quite sometime, but I just pulled it up in them for the first time on Monday.  O.M.G.  Cutest thing ever.  It felt like a rite of passage- I can now call myself a good pig tail stylin’ mama.  (haha)  She looked so adorable that I […]

Bella’s First Birthday – Wordless Wednesday

Last week, we celebrated Bella’ first birthday.  Instead of throwing a big bash, I opted for a small little get-together on Wednesday evening.  We had Hello Kitty birthday cake, ice cream, hot dogs, and chips.  It was so simple, but the best part was watching Bella Grace eat her cake.  I have never, ever saw […]

Dear Bella

I’m struggling to even begin this post.  Where do I even start? When I got the big fat positive, I thought I wanted another boy.  I wasn’t cut out to be a mom to a daughter.  I’m not very girly myself, I have no girlfriends, so I probably wouldn’t be a good “girl mom.”  That […]

Bella Grace – Our Little Reader

Bella snuggled up on the couch last week with a book.  As soon as I spotted her, I knew I had to have a picture of this moment.  She was very into the Olivia book she received for Christmas and it must have even been a good read even upside down!