Get Your Own Box


Bella and Bryson were playing in the living room yesterday when I noticed she had not made a sound in a few minutes.  She doesn’t like to take naps anymore, but she still needs one so I often find her asleep in the living room after a few minutes of quietness.  I walked in there to find her like this on the couch:


I brought a blanket to cover her, but when I went to remove the box of Cheez-itz, I noticed this:

cheez itz sleeping

Yep, she fell asleep with her hand in the box.  When I gently pulled her hand out, she still had a handful of snack mix.  Girl likes to eat.


A (Not So) Lazy River & Life Lately

Lake Winnie

When exactly did we get a life?

That’s what Justin and I have been asking each other for weeks.  Life has been chaos- fun, exciting, tiring chaos, the best kind but it feels like it came out of nowhere.  It seems like everything picked up at the same time.  We started attending church, then t-ball began, then we found out we were pregnant, and it just hasn’t slowed down.

Tball 2013

T-ball has wrapped up and as much fun as it was, I am glad it’s over!  Bella enjoyed going to the games and socializing more than Bryson enjoyed playing, I think.  He was super excited for his trophy and loved the team ice cream party.

We volunteered to teach the pre-k class at vacation bible school last week.  About 2 seconds after volunteering, I began questioning myself, wondering why in the world I signed up for that!  I knew the kids in our class had been in church longer than we had, so what were we thinking!?  Thankfully, He knows what He’s doing and after I put my nerves aside, it all went well.  The kids learned, we learned, and they all came back night after night so we were doing something right.

Pregnancy, Baby B3, 13 weeks

Baby B3 is growing well and I’m long overdue for a pregnancy update.  I am definitely showing- A LOT, which took me by surprise.  I’ve somehow misplaced all of my maternity clothing and I’m too cheap to go by all new when I know those clothes are packed up and hiding somewhere, so I’m wearing a lot of stretchy skirts and shorts.  I go back next week for my 16 week blood work and we can find out the gender at 18 weeks.  Our 18th week falls on July 4th though, so I’m fairly certain my OB office will be closed so we’ll have to wait until the second week in July.

Mini Farm

Our garden is planted and we added some chickens to our mini farm.  We are averaging about 3 eggs per day and it’s been a fun family adventure.  The kids absolutely love going to check on the chickens with their daddy each evening.  He built a small coop which Bryson and Bella claimed as their playhouse until we brought the chickens home.  Now, they are after Justin to build them a playhouse.

Bryson Bella

Both kids had their well-checks last week.  They were each about 6 months overdue, but I don’t take my kids to the doctor during flu season unless they are seriously ill.  They detected a heart murmur in Bella and referred us to a pediatric cardiologist.  Fortunately, there was a cancellation so we were able to get right in.  She kicked, screamed, and fought through her appointment, so the doctor said the images weren’t great quality, but that he felt her murmur was innocent so nothing to worry about.  Praise God!  Other than that, both kids are healthy as a horse!  (I have no idea where that saying came from.)

Kids Bryson Bella

Justin is back to working crazy hours for the next few weeks.  He put off some side-jobs so we could teach VBS, so now he has several weeks of jobs lined up.  I struggle to find time to work when he’s working from 7AM until 9:30PM, but deadlines don’t change.  Working from home is no joke.  It’s crazy hard, but also such a blessing.  I love blogging, the community, the extra income, the opportunities, but I want to make sure that this blog is always a blessing to my family and not a burden.  That means that when something has to fall to the side, the blog goes first.

Lake Winnie

Friday night, my mom offered us some free Lake Winnie tickets.  We couldn’t turn those down, especially since they’ve opened the new SOAKya! Water Park!  Justin got up and went to work Saturday morning, then took off so we could spend a day at the amusement and water park.  If you are local and have the opportunity to check it out, it’s totally worth it!  I wondered if there would be enough rides for the kids (ages 2 & 4) but there were plenty and we didn’t have enough time (or energy) to ride them all.  What’s great is that you can ride rides at the amusement park, then go cool off at the water park, then go ride some more!  I did learn something new as a parent:

There is NO such thing as a “lazy river” with a 2 year old and a 4 year old.


It’s more like a “wear you out, oops, grab that kid!, I’m glad they are wearing life jackets!” river.  Nothing lazy about it, folks.

So, that’s a small (very small) look at our life lately.  It’s busy and boy, my house is a wreck, but it’s fun and I don’t take being able to go-go-go for granted. And honestly, since I could not do much last summer due to my leg and ankle break then surgery, I’m enjoying this summer even more.  Justin and I have an anniversary coming up this month and I am also taking classes to become certified as a child passenger safety technician (CPST) this month.

I hope you have a blessed and full summer too!

Princess Bella – Zulily Dance Week

Bella Grace Princess Tutu Zulily

Bella reminds me so much of myself sometimes that it’s crazy.  She loves taking care of her baby dolls and acting like a little mama, but she isn’t into the frill of being a girl.  Anytime I put on a dress of long, flowy skirt, she smiles and says, “Mama, you are a princess!”  Every once in a while, I can talk her into dressing up like a princess… and then she usually finds the nearest puddle of mud, haha.  She likes to wear a tutu, but hates having her hair fixed.  Bows and headbands?  You can forget it.  She’ll keep a bow in for about 3 minutes and then she’s done.  “I don’t like it!,” she says and I don’t argue, because that’s just not a battle worth fighting.

Bella Grace Princess Tutu Zulily

The folks at zulily sent us a super cute tote bag filled with tutus, flowers clips, and headbands.  Bella wore one of them all day today and even went to her well check as a princess.  The tutus are adorable and I imagine we’ll get a lot of use out of them for imaginative play and dress up.  I have ordered everything from toys to clothing from zulily and love, love, love the site!     zulily is kicking off their Dance Week today (Monday) with fabulous brands at affordable prices.   Some of the zulily Dance Week events are listed below.

Zulily Dance Week


zulily Dance Week

Monday, June 3rd

Ballet Apparel & Shoes
Lexi-Lulu Designs

Tuesday, June 4th

Modern Dance Apparel
Danskin & Ballerina Girl

Wednesday, June 5th

Capezio & Future Star by Capezio

Thursday, June 6th

Butterfly Treasures
Top Apparel & Shoes

Friday, June 7th

Hip Hop & Jazz
Ferreira & Body Wrappers

Zulily Dance Week Promo

If you have a little dancer in your life, be sure to stop by zulily Dance Week!  This post contains my affiliate link, so if you click through and make a purchase, I thank you for supporting It’s Gravy, Baby! and my family.