Release. In which I say “sucks” a lot.

kids kc photography

The moment a child is born, life is changed forever. We all know that. We've heard it over and over and if you have a child, you've experienced it. It doesn't matter if it's your first child or your fifth- life changes. With Brynlee, life changed in … [Read more...]

Brynlee (month five)

5 months old pierre robin sequence

I haven't updated on Brynlee since February.  I do try to update Brynlee's Journey on Facebook daily though so if you are interested, you may want to like that page to keep up with her.  Things went downhill in February for her and we had an … [Read more...]

Cleft Lip & Palate Awareness Week #CleftAware #CleftStrong

cleft palate awareness week

I promise I'm working on a real, actual blog post with more than a few words. I wanted to take advantage of Wordless Wednesday to join in on Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week though! As you know, Brynlee was born with Pierre Robin Sequence as … [Read more...]

Dear Brynlee

Brynlee March 7

 First off, I know that there is nothing I could have done that would change our current situation.  For me, that is probably a good thing because the guilt I feel is overwhelming at times even when I know PRS is not my fault.  Even so, I feel that I … [Read more...]

sunshine & smiles

Brynlee's Journey Pierre Robin

Brynlee had a great week last week.  It was by far our best week yet.  I did not find myself crying in the floor- not even once.  She turned 11 weeks old on Saturday, the 22nd.  The previous Sunday, the 16th, we took her to church for the first … [Read more...]

the little big things

brynlee smile feb 21

As I fed Brynlee a bottle just moments ago, I thought about how the little things are really the big things.  I stood over her crib as the rest of her feed went in through her tube and I talked to her about the little big things- the daily happenings … [Read more...]

Brynlee {month two}

Brynlee's Second Month Pierre Robin

at two months, Brynlee.. weighs 10lb 2oz. We are so happy to finally hit those double digits! wears a size 1-2 Pampers diapers (those were leftover from Bella, I'm not even sure they still make that size) and has outgrown her newborn cloth diaper … [Read more...]