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I launched It’s Gravy, Baby! in April 2009 after years of quietly blogging along. As a new mom, I wanted needed to connect and this blog has given me that- and so much more. I have the best readers in the entire blogosphere (in my humble opinion, of course) and I love to share new brands, products, and services with them!

Currently, I post 3 – 5 times per week so there is always fresh content available. Weekends are dedicated family time, because without them there would be no blog…. and because, well even bloggers deserve off days! 🙂 I share our every day life here and my favorite posts are kid & decor related. I enjoy crafting with my little ones, making our house a home, and trying new recipes.

For more information about our family, please check out our about page.

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Let’s Party!

I love sharing with my blogging adventures with friends & family!  One of my favorite ways to get your brand in front of folks in my every day life and my blogging audience is by hosting parties and get-togethers.  We’ve put on relaxing cook-outs featuring Sears and worked with HERSHEY’S on CAMP BONDFIRE while treating a large crowd to delicious s’mores and lots of wonderful memories.  This is fun for me, gets the word-of-mouth advertising going, and my readers always enjoy a good party post!  Interested?  E-mail me & let’s chat!


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