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Surprise! Not one, but TWO!

So I guess it’s time for a little update here.  We got a huge surprise on May 4th when my cycle was a few days late and a pregnancy test turned dark before I could even sit it down.  Then we got an even bigger surprise when we had our first ultrasound at 11 weeks on June 14th.  There wasn’t just one surprise baby, but two!expecting twin boys

TWINS!  We are expecting two baby boys this winter.  Our official due date is January 2nd, 2019 which also would have been my dad’s 57th birthday.  It was so bittersweet when I ran the dates as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test and realized my due date was his birthday.  Obviously once we found out it was twins, we knew we wouldn’t make it to our due date.  Still knowing 1/2 is my due date has been such a sweet feeling for me.  We are looking at sometime the week before Christmas if we make it to 38 weeks.  More December babies!  This will make 4 December babies for us- the others were planned that way though.  Hahaha.

I’ll try to update more later.  We are having our anatomy scan in a little over a week then we will be scheduled for a level 2 scan with a maternal fetal medicine doctor to try to rule out Pierre Robin Sequence with these baby boys.  While this pregnancy was a huge shock, we are beyond excited!

“You make your plans and you hear God laughing.”

That basically sums up our lives, but what a sweet, exciting, chaotic journey it has been and will be.



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