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Football Season 2016 | Undefeated Super Bowl Champs

Football season has wrapped up.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s that football- even peewee football requires some intense dedication from both the player and the entire family.  We are a family that loves our evenings together, sitting together for supper, talking on the front porch, and relaxing on the couch.  Bryson practiced three nights per week which definitely cut into that, but he loved it.  He loved practicing, he loved playing, he loved the agility exercises, and he loved being one of the boys.  When he said he wanted to play, I honestly expected him to hate it.  This is a kid that typically falls apart if he gets too hot and thinks he is dying.  I was relieved when he came home from the first practice fired up and even more relieved when he finished each game without complaint.

Bryson Peewee Football Jamboree

We were fortunate that most of his games were at 9AM when the temperature was mild and enjoyable.  Our first regular season game was in the middle of the day and I thought the bleachers were going to melt the skin on my legs.  It was hot.  During his playoff game, it was once again hot.  2 days left in October and I was sweating like a pig and wishing I had listened to my husband when he suggested I might want to wear shorts.

Bryson Peewee Football Undefeated Champs

He made great improvements during the season.  When he started, he had no idea what to expect.  He’d never even sat down and really watched a football game.  Within a few games we saw him begin to hit harder and dig in more.  Fortunately the team was by far the best in the league so our second string players got to play more after the first game or two.  Even when he didn’t get much playing time, he never complained.  He came off the field proud- every single game.  This made my mama heart so happy.  We watched him improve greatly during the season and couldn’t be more proud of him.

Brynlee Bryson Bella Peewee Football

I played a lot of sports growing up.  I was always a starter so I’d never given thought to those kids who put in the effort but come up short and the parents who proudly support them with nothing but pride.  I’ve learned through both our baseball season and football season that it’s okay to be the parent of the kid on the bench or sideline.  I know that a lot of parents become bitter about it, but so far, I thankfully haven’t felt that way.  I do think it’s important to give every kid a chance and some playing time, but I also understand that everyone can’t be a starter.   What’s important is how we react to those situations and how our children handle them as well.  I’ve been so absolutely proud of Bryson this year.  He brags on his teammates “Mom, did you see N!?  He’s a beast!”, supports his team, and never complains about sitting on the sideline.  It’s given me a glimpse into his personality and his heart and I like what I see.  My heart is with those parents who go to every practice, put in the time, buy the equipment, empty their wallets, and show up at every game ready to cheer on the team knowing their kid probably isn’t going to play much.  I see you and I am so proud of you for cheering on your child and the entire team with a smile on your face and pride in your heart.

Bryson Peewee Football Siblings

The season ended today with a Super Bowl win.  Bryson only played one play, but he didn’t mention it.  He’s just a little sad that the season is over and immensely proud of his team.  I’m proud of the effort he’s put in, his determination to improve, the great improvement he made, and the heart he showed throughout the entire season.  Now we are excited to take back our evenings and “relax” (bahaha with three kids) at home with no nightly obligations.  It was a great 2016 peewee football season for the first & second grade ram team!

Bryson Peewee Football Super Bowl


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