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Lily & Londyn’s | affordable + adorable toddler fashion

I recently discovered the most adorable and affordable line of clothes for kids- Lily & Londyn’s.  Lily & Londyn’s works a little differently than the online boutiques you are probably accustomed to purchasing from.  Their items are pre-orders so you pay in advance.  If there are extras, those will be posted as ready-to-ship items once all of the pre-orders have been fulfilled.  Extras are usually limited so if you want an item, it’s best to pre-order.  If you’ve never purchased pre-order items, 4-6 weeks can seem like a long time to wait for clothes, but the savings are more than worth it.  You do have to always be thinking in advance as well.  I’ve already ordered some Halloween and even Christmas pieces!

Brynlee has been wearing a lot of L&L lately.  The clothing is excellent quality at super affordable prices!  I love being able to dress my girls in cute clothes but not having to worry about stains or messy eaters.  As a disclosure, I have no relation to Lily & Londyn’s.  I wasn’t asked to write this post, provided with anything for free or review, and I’m not even sure they know I exist.

Lily & Londyn's Kids Clothing

This mustard polka dot pearl was available in several colors.  We have mustard, green, and red for fall.  She’s wearing a size 2 here and I love that it hits her right above the knee.  She has size 3s in this same pearl that fit great and are just a little longer.  These run true-to-size in my opinion.  There is currently a pre-order open for the long sleeve pearls which will be perfect this winter.  It closes 8/28 so if you are interested, join the L&L Facebook group to place your order.  I found her boots at the Gap Factory store while we were vacationing in Pigeon Forge a few weeks ago.  I wish they would have had them in my size!

Lily & Londyn's Clothing

This short sleeve cherry lap dress is also from Lily & Londyn’s.  There may be a few ready-to-ship available on their website.  It was available in short sleeve lap and a pearl version.  Brynlee is wearing a size 4, but she is a large for a 2.5 year old.  She is wearing size 3s in most clothing and moving into size 4s.  She has room to grow in this but it isn’t overly baggy.  Again, I think this one is true-to-size.

Lily & Londyn's Shoes

Switching it up a little here, these shoes are from Lily & Londyn’s and were less than $10!  For those familiar, they are made similarly to mini melissa’s for way less.  We do have a few pair of mini melissa’s and the only difference I can tell is that authentic MMs are a little softer and smell more strongly.  Brynlee is hard on shoes and these replicas are comfortable so we will be sticking with them.  She has them in about 10 different styles/ colors and we love them all!  These aren’t currently available but if they do run another buy in the future, I highly recommend hunting down your measuring tape so you can order correct sizes.  Her outfit is Olive Mae.

If you want to view ready to ship items, you can do so at their websites.  There are two:  Lindsey’s L&L & Tiffany’s L&L.




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