Brynlee's Journey From House to Home

Storage + Style for Brynlee’s Room

Over the last year I have rearranged rooms many times. Last summer, we turned Bella’s room into a playroom and roomed Bryson and Bella together with the intentions of keeping the new baby in our room before moving her in with the other two. Then when she was born with medical complications, that all flew out the window. She came home with a truck-load of medical supplies, a noisy suction machine, and a feeding pump that runs through the night. She needed her own room. A couple days before she was released from the NICU, I found myself in a frenzy trying to rearrange rooms again, tear apart the playroom, assemble cribs, move furniture, and create room for Brynlee and all of her medical supplies.

sauder dresser

Her room became a hodgepodge of sorts with one wall still packed full of school supplies while the rest of the room was home to medical supplies.  It was a hot mess, but we had no choice.  We made it work until we could close in our carport and build another room which would be the playroom.  That finally happened this spring (woohoo!) so it was time to make Brynlee’s room feel more like a nursery.  The completion of the new playroom opened up Brynlee’s room, but it was still a mess because it had no clothing storage.  As a temporary solution, I added a small set of clear drawers that I already had on hand and while it worked, it was ug-ly.

sauder dresser soft white

When the folks at Sauder reached out and offered to send us a piece of furniture, I jumped for joy!  It was perfect timing and I know exactly the kind of piece I wanted.  I wanted something white with a sleek look and lots of drawers.  I also wanted something that could hold a changing pad so we could move her changing table out of her room.  I wanted 1 piece that was multifunctional and after browsing online, I found it with no issues.  As soon as I saw the soft white dresser, I knew it was “the one” for me.  Ordering was a breeze and imagine my surprise when the dresser was sitting on my porch 3 business days later!  Holy cow, they were super quick which was awesome since I was pushing deadlines.

sauder dresser clothes

So let’s be honest, I don’t mess with the assembly process.  In fact, I hopped in the tub for a nice, long soak while Justin hauled the dresser in off the porch and got to work.  We all have things we are good at and building is one of those things for Justin so who am I to step in?  Ha.  All of the pieces were packaged well and everything was undamaged.  The hardware pieces were separated and easy to find.  All of the pieces were clearly labeled and while the process was time consuming with so many pieces (which was expected- it’s a large dresser), it was easy and without any issues.

sauder dress baby room

Once it was fully assembled, I couldn’t wait to slide it in Brynlee’s room and start filling it up.  It worked even better in the space than I had imagined.  Not only does it hold Brynlee’s clothes, it also houses some of her medical supplies and cloth diapers.  We were able to clear out a TV tray that held her suction machine and humidifier because both of those now sit on top of the dresser.  It added style and lots of space to her room!

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I am thrilled with the soft white dresser from Sauder.  The quality is excellent and if I didn’t know any better, I would think this piece was super expensive!  I love that Sauder offers solid, sturdy furniture that doesn’t break the bank.  We’ll be using this piece for years to come.  It definitely beats clear drawers and TV trays- that is for sure.   Brynlee’s room finally looks like a bedroom and not just a bunch of different things thrown in one room.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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