Is Scrabble still a top family game?

Back in the old days, a rainy afternoon meant breaking out the board games – games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Clue that the whole family could enjoy. These days, gaming can mean something quite different for kids, who we assume are more likely to be glued to their Xbox than trying to get a triple-word score with that tricky letter X. But do old-fashioned games like Scrabble still hold appeal for families?

Experts believe that playing Scrabble can improve children’s speech and language skills, so it’s no surprise that it’s still a popular board game for parents to buy for their kids. Games like this are also great for family bonding and a fun way to spend your together time – as the saying goes, the family that plays together stays together! Young children are usually very enthusiastic about spending time with their parents and would rather be playing together than on their own in front of the computer. Learning how to team up and be a good winner (or loser) are very important skills, too.

Children get a real sense of achievement from learning complex games like Scrabble, and they learn just as much about acceptable social behaviour such as taking turns and communicating with others as they do about math, English and creative wordplay. The great thing about playing alongside your kids while they’re learning is that you can be there to coach, challenge, and encourage them.

You don’t have to throw out the computer, though – now that you can play Scrabble online, you and your kids can have the best of both worlds. The online version of the game can be played against the computer or against real-life opponents, so it’s still a sociable game for the family. At the same time, it has the advantage of being mobile and easy to play even if you’re traveling or not all in the same room – plus you don’t have to worry about losing the letters!

Does your family play board games?

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  • Family board games are a huge part of our life. We started with Friday nights game and movie night but now we play a game of some sort at least 5 times per week. They bring us together, laughing and having fun. BTW: Scrabble is my son’s favorite!

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